Dean, Faculty of Social Work

Update 3

May 29, 2024


To all members of the campus community,

In consultation with the Faculty of Social Work, the membership of the Dean, Faculty of Social Work Reappointment Committee has changed.

Dr. Darlene Chalmers has replaced Kristina Lee as the out-of-scope representative on the Committee; additionally, Dr. Lise Milne will complete the committee’s membership by serving as an URFA faculty member representative.

On behalf of the Reappointment Committee members, I want to acknowledge and thank Ms. Lee for her service to the Reappointment Committee.



Isabelle Dostaler, PhD

Provost and Vice-President (Academic)

Update 2

May 17, 2024


The Dean, Faculty of Social Work has provided a summary of accomplishments and a vision statement for the Faculty’s next five years.

We invite you to review these documents, and provide your input in confidence to the Reappointment Committee.

Please send your feedback no later than Monday May 27, 2024 at 4:30 p.m. to Angela Leader, Executive Assistant to the Provost at  All input received will be collated, anonymized and provided to the Reappointment Committee for their review.

In consultation with the Faculty of Social Work, the Reappointment Committee membership has been determined as follows:

  • Provost and Vice-President (Academic), Chair – Dr. Isabelle Dostaler
  • 3 faculty members:
    • Jacqueline Fields (Saskatoon Campus)
    • Darlene Chalmers (Saskatoon Campus)
    • Nuelle Novik (Regina Campus)
  • 1 Out-of-scope representative – Kristina Lee
  • 1 APT member – Jonathan Calfat
  • 1 CUPE member – Jillian Plosker
  • 1 Student – Bradley Fraser
  • 1 UR Deans' Council representative – Dr. James Nahachewsky
The Committee will be supported by Angela Leader of the Provost’s Office and Danni Kenzle of Human Resources.


Update 1

April 16, 2024


Dr. Cathy Rocke’s term as Dean, Faculty of Social Work is scheduled to end on June 30, 2025.

University policy governing out-of-scope academic administrative appointments (EMP-010-030) calls for a review in the penultimate year of appointment, provided both parties agree to consider a second term. Here is the relevant passage from that policy:

During the penultimate year of an out-of-scope individual’s term, the Supervising Authority and the individual will meet. If the two agree that a subsequent term should be considered, the Supervising Authority will initiate the renewal process.

The Supervising Authority will establish a Reappointment Committee which is advisory to the Supervising Authority. The Supervising Authority shall ensure that the committee has appropriate representation from the University community and other appropriate stakeholders. The composition of the committee shall be made public prior to the first meeting of the committee.

The individual will be invited to prepare a summary of accomplishments during the current term, a brief statement describing (in the context of the University’s Strategic Plan) a vision for the unit over the next five years and current curriculum vitae. The vision will be publicly available and all of the documents will be available to the committee.

The deliberations of the committee are strictly confidential. The committee will seek input from those who have worked closely with the individual. Having considered the input received and having met with the individual, the committee will advise the Supervising Authority regarding reappointment.

The Supervising Authority will consider the advice of the committee and the annual performance evaluations of the individual during the time in the position, and will make a recommendation to the Appointing Authority.

As Provost, I am the Dean, Faculty of Social Work’s supervising authority; the President is the appointing authority. I have talked with Dr. Rocke and we have agreed to consider a second term based on a successful renewal consultation with Faculty of Social Work’ faculty and staff, as well as the wider University community.

As the first step in this process, I will convene a short meeting of Social Work’s faculty and staff to discuss this review, and answer any questions about the process.

Tentative Timeline for review (April-June 2024)

April 23:
Review announced; call for elections/nominations to the Reappointment Committee made.

May 7: Provost's Office receives names of elected/nominated individuals.
May 14: Composition of Reappointment Committee announced; Dr. Rocke's summary of accomplishments and vision documents made available on the review webpage; call for written input made to faculty, staff, students and stakeholders.

May 21: Deadline for receipt of written input from faculty, staff, students, and stakeholders; all written input anonymized and collated by Provost's Office for review by Committee.

Between May 28-June 6: Reappointment Committee meets to discuss input and provide recommendation.
By June 30: Recommendation made to President, and announcement of outcome.

Composition of Reappointment Committee

Provost (Chair)

  • 3 URFA Academic Social Work staff, elected or selected; consisting of:
    • 1 Saskatoon Campus member
    • 2 Regina Campus members
  • 1 Out-of-scope representative, elected or selected
  • 1 APT member of Social Work staff, elected or selected
  • 1 CUPE member of Social Work staff, elected or selected
  • 1 Student of Social Work, elected or selected
  • 1 member of UR Deans' Council, selected by the Provost


The committee will be supported in its work by Angela Leader, Executive Assistant to the Provost and Danni Kenzle, Human Resources Director, Organizational Development & People Programs.

I look forward to working with the Faculty of Social Work throughout this review. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact my office.



Isabelle Dostaler, PhD

Provost and Vice-President (Academic)