Stephen Cheng

Assistant Professor

Office: RI 316
Phone: 306-337-3290

Research interests

Science Education; Electrochemistry; Physical Inorganic Chemistry.

E-mail Stephen Cheng

Professional qualifications:

BSc (Santa Clara University), PhD (University of Minnesota), Postdoctoral Studies (NRC).


Introductory chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry.

Recent publications:

Matheus Antonio Filiol Belin, Fidji Gendron, Stephen Cheng and Vincent Ziffle. Total Phenolic Compounds, Carotenoids and In Vitro Antioxidant Activity of Three Traditional Indigenous Medicinal Plants of Saskatchewan, Canada. American Journal of Plant Science 2021, 12(8), 1197-1209.

Stephen C. Cheng, Vincent E. Ziffle and Ryan C. King. Innovative Food Laboratory for a Chemistry of Food and Cooking Course. Journal of Chemical Education 2020, 97, 659-667.

Stephen Cheng, Fidji Gendron, Vincent Ziffle and David Gerhard. Engaging Indigenous Youth in Science with the High Altitude Balloon Experiment. Creative Education 2019, 10, 319-331.

Stephen Cheng, David Gerhard, Fidji Gendron and Vincent Ziffle. Incorporation of High Altitude Balloon Experiment in High School Science Classrooms. Creative Education 2019, 10, 262-272.

Stephen Cheng and Susan Johnston. Participation in Peer-led Academic Support Services: One adaptation of a Natural Sciences Peer Learning Model to Enrichment in the Humanities. Stephen Cheng and Susan Johnston. Journal of Peer Learning 2014, 7, 23-35.

Stephen C. Cheng, Michael Gattrell, Thierry Guena and Barry MacDougall. Electrochemical Studies of Gold Ore Processing Wastewater Containing Cyanide, Copper, and Sulfur Compounds. Journal of Applied Electrochemistry 2006, 36, 1317-1326.

Stephen C. Cheng, Michael Gattrell, Thierry Guena and Barry MacDougall. The Electrochemical Oxidation of Alkaline Copper Cyanide Solutions. Electrochimica Acta 2002, 47, 3245-3256.

Michael Gattrell, Stephen C. Cheng, Thierry Guena and Barry MacDougall. Cyanide ISE Measurements in the Presence of Copper. Jounral of Electroanalytical Chemistry 2001, 508, 97-104.

Stephen C. Cheng, Christine A. Blaine, Michael G. Hill and Kent R. Mann. Electrochemical and Infrared Spectroelectrochemical Studies of the Electrocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Reduction by [Ir2(dimen)4]2+(dimen = 1,8-diisocyano-p-menthane). Inorganic Chemistry 1996, 35, 7704-7708.