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Allan East


Office: RIC 312
Phone: 306-585-4003
Website: http://uregina.ca/~eastalla

Research interests

Computational Chemistry; Physical Chemistry; Quantum Chemistry.

E-mail Allan East

Andrew Wee


Office: RIC 325
Phone: 306-585-4767 or 306-585-4146
Website: http://uregina.ca/~andreghw

Research interests

Organic Chemistry; Organic Synthesis.

E-mail Andrew Wee 

Brian Sterenberg


Office: RIC 328
Phone: 306-585-4106

Research interests

Organometallic Chemistry.

E-mail Brian Sterenberg

Cory M. Widdifield

Assistant Professor

Office: RI 315
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/corymwiddifield/

Research interests

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Quantum Chemistry, Crystallography, Pharmaceuticals

E-mail Cory Widdifield

Dae-Yeon Suh


Office: RIC 221
Phone: 306-585-4239

Research interests

Biochemistry; Biosynthesis.

E-mail Dae-Yeon Suh

Dennis Fitzpatrick


Office: LB 257
Phone: 306-337-3332

Research interests

Biochemistry; Nutritional Toxicology; Water and Climate.

E-mail Dennis Fitzpatrick

Lynn Mihichuk

Associate Professor

Office: RIC 324
Phone: 306-585-4793

Research interests

Inorganic; Organometallic; Analytical Chemistry; Spectroscopy.

E-mail Lynn Mihichuk

Mohan Babu

Associate Professor

Office: RIC 232
Phone: 306-585-4192
Website: http://uregina.ca/~babu200m

Research interests

Antimicrobial Resistance; Mitochondrial Medicine;  Network medicine; Systems Biology and Proteomics; Systems Neuroscience; Integrative and Quantitative Biology.

E-mail Mohan Babu

Omar El-Halfawy

Canada Research Chair in Chemogenomics and Antimicrobial Research
Assistant Professor

Office: LB 262
Phone: 306-337-2214
Website: http://www.el-halfawylab.ca

Research interests

Antibiotic resistance; Interbacterial interaction; Microbial virulence; Antibiotic discovery

E-mail Omar El-Halfawy

Renata Raina-Fulton

Professor and Department Head

Office: LB 259
Phone: 306-585-4012

Research interests

Analytical Chemistry; Environmental Chemistry.

E-mail Renata Raina-Fulton

R. Scott Murphy


Office: RIC 322
Phone: 306-585-4247
Website: http://uregina.ca/~murphyr

Research interests

Photoresponsive lipid-based self-assemblies; Photochromism; Photochemistry; Supramolecular Chemistry.

E-mail R. Scott Murphy

Stephen Cheng


Office: RI 316
Phone: 306-337-3290

Research interests

Science Education; Electrochemistry; Physical Inorganic Chemistry.

E-mail Stephen Cheng

Tanya Dahms


Office: RIC 223
Phone: 306-585-4246
Website: http://dahmst.wordpress.com

Research interests

Physical Biochemistry; Microscopy; Microbiology.

E-mail Tanya Dahms