UR Guarantee

The UR Guarantee program, a service offered by the Student Success Centre, is no longer accepting new applicants as of April 30, 2022.

Students currently registered in the UR Guarantee will still be able to use the same supports, advising, and resources they previously had access to, or can join in the programming available through the Centre for Experiential and Service Learning (CESL) opening in the Fall 2022.

The Centre for Experiential and Service Learning will have a ton of great supports and experiences to help you along your academic journey:

  • More opportunities for hands-on learning both in and out of the classroom.
  • A student-run Volunteer Centre to help you find more service opportunities in the community.
  • Training before you go out to volunteer so you can feel confident and ready.
  • Training in resume writing and job interview skills.

If you are currently a UR Guarantee student, please contact your advisor for more information or email ur.guarantee@uregina.ca