Why Study Economics?

Economics asks interesting and important questions...

Economics studies how consumers, workers, and businesses behave with the goal of providing helpful analysis and advice to private firms, governments, and international institutions like the IMF and WTO. Economists believe that individuals and business organizations usually act with an eye for their own self-interest. They use this assumption to predict future market trends, analyze the relative merits of different possible market structures (e.g. small vs. big business, capitalism vs. socialism), and to advise governments and international bodies about the likely effects of their economic policies (e.g. taxes, unemployment insurance, free trade) upon individuals, industries, and whole economies.

There are many employment opportunities for trained economists...

Many jobs are available for economists in the public sector, especially in the areas of statistical analysis (Statistics Canada is always looking for economists), monetary policy (the Bank of Canada), public finance (advising municipal, provincial and federal governments on taxing and spending), economic development (advising towns and provinces on the best ways to attract business investment or plan for future expansion), and policy analysis (the very best students have a good shot at prestigious and rewarding jobs with institutions like the IMF, the World Bank and the United Nations). In the private sector, there are plenty more possibilities. Students with a training in economics can also find work as foreign-exchange traders, stockbrokers, financial consultants, auditors, tax analysts, investment advisors, research officers, bank managers, market analysts, labour-relations managers, journalists, and so on. And economics degrees open the door to professional programs in Business Administration, Law, Public Administration and Accountancy.

Past graduates of the department have gone on to successful careers...

POIRIER, Angele, BA in Economics (Hons) (2020), Current MA Special Case in EconomicsPDF
"The reason I'm studying Economics today..."

HINZMANN, Anthony, BSc in Economics (Hons) (2018)
"My time in the economics program at the University of Regina..."

JULE, Troy, Economics and Society major at the UofR (2014), JSGS MPA (2018)
"I have to be honest - at the start of my academic career..."

SIEBERT, Alexander, BA in Economics (Hons) at the UofR (2015) and MA at the UofR (2017)
"Overall, I am very happy to be where I am getting a PhD in Economics from..."

DOLTER, Brett, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) (2003)
"My economics training at the University of Regina has..."

FORSTER, Tanner, BA in Economics (2014)
"I now work as a Senior Manager of Portfolio..."

PROCTOR, Ben, BA in Economics at UofR (2005-2007), transferred to UofV, BA in Economics (2011)
"I had a funny feeling when I started as a general arts student..."

SCHATZ, Glenn, BSc in Economics (Hons) at UofR (2010) and MA in Economics at UofA (2011)
"I currently work as an Alberta Power Trader in Energy Commodities..."

TESSIER, Ryan, BA in Mathematics/Statistics with Certificate in Economics (2011)
"Economics is about incentives!  This is a fact that was imprinted firmly..."

WOLOSHYN, Jordan, BA in Economics (Hons) (2011)
"Since completing my degree at the University of Regina, I have started a career..."

BROWN, Christine, BA in Economics (Hon) (2008)
"As the Department of Economics at the University of Regina..."

BUTTON, Patrick , BA in Economics (2008)
"My undergraduate degree in Economics definitely..."