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Playwright Reading Series

“Dialogue in Socially Distant Times”


The Zoom Edition

hosted by the
Department of English and Department of Theatre
University of Regina

with the support of the
Canada Council, Centre for the Study of Script Development, City of Regina, Playwrights Guild of Canada, Saskatchewan Writers Guild

University of Regina Dept. English Faculty of Arts

City of Regina Playwrights Guild of Canada Canadian Council for the Arts Saskatchewan Writers Guild

October 7, 2020   Keith Barker & Yvette Nolan

7:00 PM CST - via Zoom - Link will be available soon


October 21, 2020   Jeff Ho & Maki Yi

7:00 PM CST - via Zoom - See Events on the Main U of R page for the link


November 4, 2020  Chris Dodd & Joanne Weber

7:00 PM CST - via Zoom - See Events on the Main U of R page for the link


January 27, 2021  Itai Erdal & Arthur Milner

 7:00 PM CST - via Zoom - See Events on the Main U of R page for the link

February 10, 2021   Andrea Scott & Marcia Johnson


7:00 PM CST - via Zoom - See Events on the Main U of R page for the link


February 24, 2021   Christine Quintana & Jose Teodoro

7:00 PM CST - via Zoom - See Events on the Main U of R page for the link


In this time of social distancing the erasure of live theatre from our communities has caused unprecedented cultural and social disruption.  For people, who earn their living from theatre this has resulted in financial hardships and presented major professional and creative obstacles as they scramble to reconnect in mediated ways that will allow them to continue collaborative work.


The silence of our mostly dark stages is a metaphor for the great vacuum caused more generally by social distancing--the yearning to connect with others that characterizes pandemic images of loved ones straining to overcome walls and windows in between them, or crowds of people purposely congregating on beaches, in parks and on city streets despite regulations to the contrary.  We crave that live face-to-face exchange that actor-to-actor, actor-to-audience dialogue situates at the heart of the process, medium and subject of theatre.


For this Playwrights Reading Series, we are forced to work through the mediation of zoom, but we have created a new format and approach to as much as possible make a virute of this new medium.  We are presenting pairs of writers to facilitate dialogue between them and with our audience, and the virtual space will create a new forum for dialogue bringing established audiences in Regina together with a broader national and international audience.


As well, our writers, their diverse work and creative processes will help shine the spotlight on the great irony of these unprecedented times: the devastation of COVID-19 has generated a more intense and present awareness of all kinds of "social distancing," of the ongoing failure of dialogue and connection with "the other" that has pervaded within and beyond borders long before the advent of this virus.


Pleae join us for our 28th season as we welcome 12 playwrights from Saskatchewan and across Canada in facilitated dialogue relating to their work, their creative process and the capacity of live theatre to create at least a temporary antidote to social distancing.  Everyone is welcome to attend.