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Graduate Studies

The M.A. Program in English

The Department currently offers five routes for the M.A. in English:

  • Course-based
  • Thesis-based (literature)  
  • Thesis-based (creative writing)
  • Project-based (literature)
  • Project-based (creative writing)

The course M.A. (ten courses) provides an opportunity to achieve a breadth of knowledge in many areas of English literature.  The thesis M.A. (five courses plus thesis—either academic or creative writing) provides an opportunity to do in-depth research, and an extended piece of writing, on one area of English literature. The project based path path (seven courses plus project - either academic or creative writing) offers an opportunity for students to study more widely while completing a project the size of a journal article or poetry chapbook.

Because the Master's degree is normally the highest offered in the Department of English at the University of Regina (but see Special Case Ph.D.), the Department can offer the kind of close support of Master's students and high-priority supervision of Master's theses sometimes not available in departments with doctoral programs. Both the thesis and course M.A. offer students excellent preparation for graduate studies at the doctoral level, or for jobs and careers in English.

The M.A. in Creative Writing consists of five courses: AT LEAST TWO GRADUATE COURSES IN CREATIVE WRITING MUST BE TAKEN, plus an additional three graduate courses in English Literature or theory; and a creative thesis with a critical/ theoretical introduction.

Special Case Ph. D

There is provision for a Special Case Ph.D. program in the English Department. The program may be outlined thus: a series of three research projects leading to the production of three papers; the examination of these papers, including their presentation in open seminars; a critical theory pro-seminar; the satisfaction of a language requirement; and the writing of a doctoral dissertation.

For more information about graduate programs in English, visit the University of Regina's Graduate Studies website.