Heather Price

Adjunct Professor (Thompson Rivers University)
Ph.D (Simon Fraser University)

E-mail: heather.price@uregina.ca
Website: http://child-law-research.sites.tru.ca/

Research interests

  • Children as witnesses
  • Autobiographical and event memory
  • Effects of stress/emotional arousal on memory
  • Forensic interviewing

Representative Publications

Bruer, K., Price, H. L., & Phenix T. L. (in press). The ”magical” effect of integration on autobiographical memory. Applied Cognitive Psychology.

Price, H. L., Connolly, D. A., & Gordon, H. M. (in press). Children who have experienced a repeated event only appear less consistent than those who experienced a unique event. Law and Human Behavior.

Heidt, C. T., Arbuthnott, K. D., & Price, H. L. (2016). The effects of distributed learning on Enhanced Cognitive Interview training. Psychiatry, Psychology, and Law, 23, 47-61.

Fitzgerald, R. J., Oriet, C., & Price, H. L. (2016). Change blindness and eyewitness identification: Effects on accuracy and confidence. Legal and Criminological Psychology, 21, 189-201.

Bruer, K., Fitzgerald, R. J., Therrien, N., & Price, H. L. (2015). Lineup member similarity influences the effectiveness of a salient rejection option for eyewitnesses. Psychiatry, Psychology, and Law, 22, 124-133.

Fitzgerald, R. J., Oriet, C., & Price, H. L. (2015). Suspect-filler similarity in eyewitness lineups: A literature review and a novel manipulation. Law and Human Behavior, 39, 62-74.

Fitzgerald, R. J. & Price, H. L. (2015). Eyewitness identification across the lifepan: A meta-analysis of age differences. Psychological Bulletin, 141, 1228-1265.

Price, H. L. & Phenix, T. L. (2015). True (but not false) memories are subject to retrieval-induced forgetting in children. Journal of Experiment Child Psychology, 133, 1-15.

Fitzgerald, R. J., Whiting, B., Therrien, N., & Price, H. L. (2014). Lineup similarity effects on children’s eyewitness identification. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 28, 409-418.

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Price, H. L. & Connolly, D. A. (2013). Suggestibility effects persist after one year in children who experience a single or repeated event. Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition, 2, 89-94.

Fitzgerald, R. J., Price, H. L., Oriet, C., & Charman, S. D. (2013). The effect of foil-suspect similarity on eyewitness identification decisions: A meta analysis. Psychology, Public Policy & Law, 19, 151-164.

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Fitzgerald, R. J., Oriet, C., & Price, H. L. (2011). Change detection inflates confidence on a subsequent recognition task. Memory, 19, 879-890.

Price, H. L. & Roberts, K. P. (2011). The effects of an intensive training and feedback program on police and social workers' investigative interviews of children. Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science, 43, 235-244.

Rischke, A. E., Roberts, K. P., & Price, H. L. (2011). Using spaced learning principles to translate knowledge into behavior: Evidence from investigative interviews of alleged child abuse victims. Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, 26, 58-67.

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Connolly, D. A., Price, H. L., & Gordon, H. M. (2010). Judicial decision-making in timely and delayed prosecutions of child sexual abuse in Canada: A study of honesty and cognitive ability in assessments of credibility. Psychology, Public Policy and Law, 16, 177-199.

Evans, A. D., Roberts, K. P., Price, H. L., & Stefek, C. P. (2010). The use of paraphrasing in investigative interviews. Child Abuse & Neglect, 34, 585-592.

Connolly, D. A., Price, H. L., & Gordon, H. M. (2009). Judging the credibility of historic child sexual abuse complainants: How judges describe their decisions. Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, 15, 102-123.

Price, H. L., Lee, Z., & Read, J. D. (2009). Memory for committing a crime: Effects of arousal, proximity, and gender. American Journal of Psychology, 122, 75-88.

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Desmarais, S. L, Price, H. L., & Read, J. D. (2008). "Objection Your Honor! Television is not the relevant authority." Crime drama portrayals of eyewitness issues. Psychology, Crime, and Law, 14, 225-243.

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Price, H. L., Connolly, D.A., & Gordon, H. M. (2006). Children's memory for complex autobiographical events: Does spacing of repeated instances matter? Memory, 14, 977-989.


Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Department of Justice

Laboratory Facilities

CHLD Lab (with Drs Wright and Robinson; funded by CFI) 

  • Child friendly lab space with observation room
  • Equipped for audio and video recording


Former Graduate Students

Kaila Bruer (PhD - Experimental and Applied)

Kim Audette (PhD -Experimental and Applied)

Ryan Fitzgerald (PhD - Experimental and Applied)

Jasmin Dhillon (PhD - Clinical)

Natalie Therrien (MA - Experimental and Applied)

Brittany Whiting (MA - Experimental and Applied)