Welcome to the Department of Psychology

Psychology touches the daily lives of everyone and is therefore a perennially popular subject of study for students across many disciplines. Contemporary psychology is defined as the scientific study of behavioral and mental processes in human beings and other organisms. It examines the functioning of organisms in all their variety and complexity as they respond and adapt to the physical and social environments in which they are situated.

Students who major in Psychology at the undergraduate level will often seek employment in the helping professions or in the many occupations that require interaction with people, from professional child care worker to office manager. At the undergraduate level, students have the opportunity to study a number of areas in depth, focusing on normal and abnormal behavior from a variety of perspectives, including cognitive, developmental, neurobiological, psychodynamic, social, and others. At the graduate level, we offer MA and PhD degree programs in both Clinical Psychology and Experimental and Applied Psychology.

Our Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology is fully accredited by the Canadian Psychological Association. The next accreditation site visit is planned for the 2021 - 2022 academic year.


Please note that if you haven't already done so, you can still earn up to 3% in bonus marks in each of your 100 or 200-level psychology classes for participating in research studies.  To begin, simply point your browser to the following URL:  http://ureginaca.sona-systems.com/student_new_user.aspx and create an account.

Once you have created an account on the system using your University of Regina e-mail address as your login, you will see a list of studies available.  Choose a study that interests you and sign up in an available time slot.  Depending on the study you've chosen, you may need to come to a specific room at that time or you may be able to participate by completing a survey online.  Research participation is a great way to learn first hand about research in psychology, and it helps your fellow students and your professors as well as contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the discipline. 

Thanks for participating!