Welcome to the Faculty of Arts

Think big; choose the Arts.

Obtaining your university degree is one of the most important milestones in your life. What you study will influence how you live your life and impact your career.

In today's society where our lives and careers are being transformed at a record pace, we encourage you to think big and choose the Arts.

Pursuing an Arts degree, or ensuring your chosen degree has a strong Arts component, can help you make informed decisions about critical issues that can affect you - issues like politics, poverty, women’s rights, international development, ethics and morality.

Courses in the social sciences and humanities also develop your leadership skills by helping you to stay curious, challenge the status quo and learn to think outside the box.  It’s no surprise that many of the leaders in our province, like Mayor Michael Fougere, Madam Justice Georgina R. Jackson, former Premier Brad Wall, and former Wascana MP Ralph Goodale all have Arts degrees.

As an Arts student you will be able to spend your time studying a subject that is interesting and meaningful to you, all the while gaining valuable skills that will serve you throughout your personal and professional lifetime. 

Choose from over 20 areas of study 

The Faculty of Arts offers over twenty areas of study in the social sciences and humanities. The Arts is home to some 126 tenured faculty members – some of the brightest academic minds, researching and teaching in innovative new directions. We have renowned experts and award-winning instructors working to help provide a vibrant and student-focused learning environment.

So browse our areas of study to see what we have to offer! Also, learn more about the skills you will develop as an Arts student, as well as the career possibilities that may be open to you through your Arts degree. And visit the Arts Student Service website and see how we can help you navigate your studies here.

Get to know us better by browsing our viewbook below. Whether you are pursuing Arts classes as a major, minor, or as an elective, we can help you realize YOUR passion.