Welcome to the Department of Philosophy and Classics

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Do you ask yourself questions like "What is truth" or "What exists"?

Are you curious about what life was like in ancient civilizations?

Have you ever wanted to learn the ancient languages?

The Department of Philosophy and Classics can help you discover the answers to many of these questions and more.

  • Philosophy is the systematic study of ideas and issues; a reasoned pursuit of fundamental truths; a quest for a comprehensive understanding of ourselves and the world; the study of principles of conduct, thought and knowledge, and much more.  One of philosophy's objectives is to break us of the habit of accepting things without question.  Philosophy endeavours to make us aware of the basic assumptions that shape our lives, and to subject them to careful scrutiny.  It is those objectives that produce graduates who are strong in areas of reasoning and problem solving, resulting in virtually limitless employment possibilities.
  • Classical Studies explores the whole of the Greek and Roman past, its languages and literature, history, art and ideas.  You will gain an insight into our contemporary world by learning about the cultures that have influenced it.  A degree in Classics prepares you for anything that requires disciplined, creative thinking.  Graduates find employment in organizations that look for well-educated people who can think and write well, who are flexible and creative.