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Eric Schiffmann holds an undergraduate degree in History from the University of Winnipeg. He is a native of Winnipeg, Manitoba and loves rooting for his hometown Jets. Besides his interest in history and sports, Eric likes playing his guitar and keeping up with the latest video games. For his MA Eric is interested in early twentieth century history of the Métis, particularly during the First World War, and is working under the direction of Drs. Donica Belisle and James Daschuk. After completing his degree Eric intends to continue with his studies to the Ph.D. level and aims to be a professor one day teaching at a university.

Born in Toronto, Bruce Veugelers loves history of all sorts but especially military history. He holds a specialist in History from The University  of Toronto. Concepts of honour and the ideals of those who engage in martial pursuits hold a particular allure to him. His MA thesis, supervised by Dr. Ian Germani, centers on concepts of honour across enlisted and commissioned ranks in the French army during the First World War. In his spare time Bruce loves nature, hiking, powerlifting, Dungeons and Dragons, and science fiction films.

Emily Thompson-Golding comes to the University of Regina from Suffolk, England and her MA is being supervised by Dr. Ken Leyton-Brown.
She completed a degree in Ancient History at the Univeristy of Reading, choosing a dissertation that focused on the conflicting representations of Xerxes I of Persia. Her interests include 19th/20th century US and Canadian History, most notably the 'Roaring Twenties' and the period's impact in Saskatchewan, as well as Stalinist Russia (1922-1953). She is particularly interested in social history, with a focus on how society functioned during times of upheaval. In addition to studying history, Emily is a keen amateur photographer who loves to travel.

Travis Whalen is a History and Outdoor Education teacher and is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Histoy under the supervision of Dr. Raymond Blake. He received his Bachelor of Education with distinction from the University of Regina in 2018. For his MA Travis is interested in the impact of hockeT Whaleny in the Canadian Residentail School System as a form of assimilation on behalf of the government, but a resistance and escape by the students. When his head isn't buried in a book, he can be found exploring Saskatchewan, coaching hockey and football, and spending time working on his family's centennial farm outside Qu'Appelle, SK. He is currently a substitute teacher within Regina and an upcoming Teaching Assistant with the University in the fall. After completing his degree Travis intends to spend time teaching abroad before continuing with his schooling.