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The Department of History congratulates all of our students who graduated at the Spring Convocation on June 7, 2018!

Stephen Hodgson received a Master of Arts degree and four students - Allen Berriault, Derek Cameron, Brynne Martin, and Conn Randell - were awarded their Bacherlor of Arts (Honours) degrees. Tyson Buhler, Craig Dunham, Amanda Gilmour, Ashton Haylock, Brady Keller, Gaelan Malloy, Peter McWilliams, Hannah Sackville, Britney Savage, Anne Slusarchuk, Ernest Spencer, and Stephanie Stene received their BA degrees.



A Number of History students completed their Honours Essays during the 2017-18 academic year.
The students are pictured here with their supervisors.
Front Row from left to right: Dr. Ken Leyton-Brown, Dr. Ian Germani, Sara Wysman, Brynne Martin,
Elisabeth Sahlmueller, Dr. Raymond Blake. Middle Row: Dr. Yvonne Petry.
Back Row from left to right: Allen Berriault, Conn Randell. Not pictured: Derek Cameron.