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Stapleford Lecture
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Medical Assistance in Dying:

An Aging Population and End of Life Choices

Dr. Lillian Thorpe, MD, PhD, FRCP


'Unimaginable Fury':

White Men's Violence Against Indigenous Women

Dr. Sherene H. Razack

Distinguished Professor and the Penny Kanner Endowed Chair in Women’s Studies

Department of Gender Studies, UCLA

2019 Disability, Art and Activism

Dr. Nancy Hansen

Professor of Disability Studies, University of Manitoba

2018 Are Prisons Canada's New Residential Schools?

Nancy Macdonald

National Reporter, The Globe and Mail


The Gender of Homesteading: Women and the Contest

for Land on the Canadian Prairies

Dr. Sarah Carter

Professor and Henry Marshall Tory Chair in the Department of History

and Classics and the Faculty of Native Studies, University of Alberta

2016 Ronald Bloore & The Art of Provocation

Timothy Long

Head Curator, Mackenzie Art Gallery


The Fierce Urgency of Now: Global Education as a Gateway to

Creating Critically Informed, Motivated and Globally Competent Citizens

Dr. Michael O'Sullivan

Grandson of Rev. Stapleford and Associate Professor at Brock University

2014 Senate Reform: is it necessary and can it be done?

Dr. Gordon Barnhart

Historian and former Lt. Gov. of Saskatchewan


Librarians Unplugged: How and why librarians are speaking out

about crucial social issues

Toni Samek

School of Library and Information studies, University of Alberta

2012 One Law for All: Understanding Canada's indigenous constitution

Dr. John Borrows

Professor and Robina Chair in Law and Society, University of Minnesota Law School

2011 Islam, Gender and the Future of Multicultural Citizenship

Mohammad Fadel

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto

2010 Quality Care for Patients, Above All

Anne Doig

President of the Canadian Medical Association

2009 Implementing Self Determination: A leader's vision

Perry Bellegarde

Former Grand Chief of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations

2008 Citizenship, Governance and Duty

Lynda Haverstock

Former Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan

Woodrow Lloyd Lecture
Title and Video Link

Resurgent Histories: Ironworking, Self-Determination,

and the Future of Indigenous History

Dr. Allan Downey

Nak'azdli Whut’en First Nation

Associate Professor, Department of History and Indigenous Studies Program McMaster University

2019 Pipelines and the Petro State

Andrew Nikiforuk

Author and journalist


Truth and Reconciliation in Canada:

If it Feels Good, It's Not Reconciliation

Pam Palmater

Mi'kmaw lawyer, author, social justice advocate, and

Chair in Indigenous Governance at Ryerson University

2017 Islamophobia and Muslim Women in Canada

Dr. Sheema Khan

Author and Global and Mail Columnist

2016 2016 Woodrow Lloyd Lecture

The Honourable Justice Murray Sinclair

Chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada

2015 Reconciliation: the children's version

Dr. Cindy Blackstock

Associate Professor at the University of Alberta,

as well as Director of the First Nations Children’s Action Research and Education Service (FNCARES) and

as Executive Director of First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada

2014 The Hedgehog, the Fox and Canadian Austerity

Dr. Thom Workman

Professor, Political Science at the University of New Brunswick

2013 Can Civil Disobedience Ensure Health Care Access for Drug Users?

Ann Livingston

Social Justice Organizer

2012 Taking and Making Human Life: has healthcare replaced religion?

Dr. Margaret Somerville

Samuel Gale Professor of Law,

Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University

2011 Western Canadian Democracy: A backward and a forward look

The Honorable Preston Manning

Founder of the Reform Party of Canada

2010 Transforming Power: New paths to social and political change

Judy Rebick

CAW Sam Gindin Chair in Social Justice and Democracy at Ryerson University

2009 Subprime Constitutionalism: Why are we over-invested in the charter?

Professor Harry Arthurs

Osgood Hall Law School, President Emeritus, York University

Dr. Gordon Wicijowski Law Foundation of Saskatchewan Lecture
Title and Video Link
2022 Reimagining Public Safety Restoratively: Implications for Policing

Professor Jennifer Llewellyn

Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University

2019 Changing the Story We Tell Ourselves About Alcohol

Harold R. Johnson

Author and former Crown Prosecutor

2018 Why Do Hackers Hack?

Dr. Thomas J. Holt

Professor of Criminal Justice, Michigan State University


Domestic Violence: The Challenge of Taking Account of the

Interests of Children

Professor Nicholas Bala

Faculty of Law, Queen's University

2015 Smart Policing and the Challenge of Translational Criminology

Dr. Scott H. Decker,

Foundation Professor, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Arizona State University


Beyond the Criminal Law: What Local and Provincial Authorities

Can Do to Regulate Sexually-oriented Business

Dr. Mariana Valverde

FRSC, Centre for Criminology and Sociolegal Studies at the University of Toronto


Proceed Until Apprehended

Karyn McClusky

Director of the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit


Murder and Maggots: The use of insect evidence in criminal investigations

Dr. Gail Anderson

School of Criminology, Simon Fraser University


The Future of Policing in Saskatchewan

Dr. Rick Rudell

University of Regina


Some Reflections on the Discourse of Crime and Punishment in Canada

Howard Sapers

Correctional Investigator of Canada


Does the Charter Matter?

Harry Arthurs

University Professor Emeritus and President Emeritus, York University

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Stapleford Lecture
Each winter, the Faculty of Arts is pleased to present the annual Stapleford Lecture, a free lecture funded through the generosity of the Ernest William Stapleford and Maude Bunting Stapleford Lecture Fund. This endowed trust was provided to the University of Regina by Dr Elsie Stapleford, as a memorial to her parents. The endowment allows the Faculty of Arts to bring a distinguished guest lecturer to the University to speak in the area of human justice, the status of women, the education and care of children, the rights of disadvantaged groups, and/or the history and art of Saskatchewan.

Rev. Ernest Stapleford (1874-1959) was the president of Regina College from 1915-1934. He guided the college through the crisis of World War I and the economic depression of the 1930s. He was one of the formative presidents of this institution. His wife, Mrs. Maude Stapleford (1884-1962) was very active and engaged in the community, and took a particular interest in the arts, and in the advancement of women's and children's rights. Daughter Dr Elsie Stapleford helped create and implement the Ontario Day Nurseries Actof 1946, which provided provincial government funding for day care centres, and implemented licensing and inspection measures. As Director of the Day Nurseries Branch, Dr. Stapleford made the Ontario program a model, and helped to transform the way child care is thought of and delivered in this country. Elsie Stapleford passed away in 2004.

Woodrow Lloyd Lecture

The Faculty of Arts is pleased to present an annual lecture in honour of Woodrow Stanley Lloyd (1913-1972), a dedicated public servant of Saskatchewan. Woodrow Lloyd served as the province's eighth Premier (1961-1964) and also as Minister of Education (1944-1960). It was in this capacity that he played a formative role in the development of the modern day education system. In 1963, he laid the cornerstone of the first building on the Regina campus of the University of Saskatchewan, now the University of Regina. Throughout his career, Woodrow Lloyd's voice emerged as one strongly in favour of the university as a space for innovation and catalyst for social change.

Said Woodrow Lloyd at the Canadian Education Association Convention of 1951, "Education needs courage. The very fact that education, if it is vital, leads to purposeful change, indicates the need for courage on the part of those who lead, because even purposeful change is always opposed. It is opposed by those who do not understand."

The Woodrow Lloyd lecture is presented each Winter by the Faculty of Arts and funded by the generosity of the Woodrow Lloyd Trust Fund. Each lecture features a nationally or internationally recognized scholar, writer, thinker, and/or activist, who speaks on issues of direct relevance to Saskatchewan.

Past speakers have included former Premier of Saskatchewan Roy Romanow, noted climatologist Elane Wheaton, and author and Indigenous leader Cindy Blackstock.

Dr. Gordon Wicijowski Law Foundation of Saskatchewan Lecture
The Law Foundation of Saskatchewan is an organization dedicated to enhancing legal education and research in order to respond to challenges facing the administration of justice. Owing to the generous support of this organization, the Law Foundation Chair in Police Studies was established in 2005 at the University of Regina Faculty of Arts.

The Law Foundation Chair allows the University to function as a centre of excellence in police studies, enabling the Chair to support issues of direct relevance to policing in Saskatchewan, to bring world-renowned experts in the field of criminal justice to Saskatchewan to share their expertise, and to participate in national discussions about current policing practices.

In support of these goals, each Fall a speaker is invited to the University of Regina in order to deliver a public lecture. In February 2011 the Law Foundation lecture was renamed ‘The Gordon Wicijowski Law Foundation of Saskatchewan Chair in Police Studies Lecture’, in recognition of the key role played by Dr. Gordon Wicijowki in the establishment of the Chair in Police Studies. This title change acknowledges Dr. Wicijowski’s years of service with the Law Foundation of Saskatchewan as well as the contributions he has made to the University of Regina, including serving on the Board of Governors – contributions for which Dr. Wicijowski has been presented an honorary doctorate. Today the lecture is known as the Dr. Gordon Wicijowski Law Foundation of Saskatchewan Lecture.

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