Welcome to the Department of Anthropology

Anthropology studies the human condition globally and cross-culturally, treating our way of life as only one among many. In an increasingly cosmopolitan world, where people from different places and backgrounds frequently interact, anthropology promotes an understanding of human variation. Among its key concepts is that of culture: the patterns of behavior, thought, and feeling that people learn as members of social groups.

Students in anthropology at the University of Regina take courses that cover many aspects of social and cultural life, many regions of the world, and many theories of culture and society. These courses are designed to develop students' ability to write, do social research, analyze ideas, synthesize information, and interpret the world in which we live.

Traditionally, most anthropologists have been employed in universities and museums as teachers and researchers. However, the skills learned through the study of anthropology are highly transferable, and are increasingly recognized in fields as diverse as international development, health sciences, education, community services, tourism and recreation, management and labour relations, and the formulation of social policy.

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