Welcome to the Department of International Languages

International Languages CertificatesSpeaking more than one language is commonplace in three quarters of the world. Learning a second or third major language brings with it undeniable advantages, both in terms of career enhancement and in terms of personal growth. In Saskatchewan, where international business with Asia, Europe and South America is thriving, employers look favourably upon prospective employees with foreign language skills. On a personal level, being able to communicate in another language brings us greater cross-cultural understanding and increases our potential to be wiser and more informed global citizens. Likewise, the study of any language involves learning about other cultures, and in doing so, gaining new insights into our own.

The Department of International Languages at the University of Regina offers degree programs in Mandarin Chinese, German, Japanese, and Spanish. Students may choose any one of these language areas as their major or minor area of study or they may combine it with study in other disciplines. The department also offers 'stand-alone' certificates , which can be a good option for students in faculties with few electives.

As a major or in combination with another field of study, students in the Department of International Languages not only gain language proficiency skills, they also gain a knowledge and appreciation of cultural diversity that positions them well for living and working in today's globalized world.

The Department of International Languages also hires teaching assistants.  Available positions can be found by checking the Career Opportunities page under Student Positions.