Rex Deverell

Rex Deverell

DEVERELL, Rex (b. 1941)
Pastor, Playwright

Rex Deverell began his working career in 1967 as the pastor of a small Baptist church in southern Ontario.  Drama, both religious and secular, played an important role even in those days through acting, directing, writing.

In 1968 Deverell's "The Invitation" won the Playwrights' Award from the University of Western Ontario.  He wrote several plays in the following few years.  By 1970 he resigned his pastorate and devoted himself to theatre.  From 1970 to 1975 Deverell and his family lived in Regina and Toronto.  This same period also saw the production of plays for young audiences such as "Sam and the Tigers", "Shortshrift", "Copetown City Kite Crisis" and "Sarah's Play".

In 1975 Regina’s Globe Theatre, southern Saskatchewan's premiere theatre company, appointed Deverell as Playwright-in-Residence.  He held this position until October 1989 when he moved to Toronto.  "Boiler Room Suite" was produced in 1976.  In 1978 this play won the Canadian Authors' Award.  It enjoyed great success, became the libretto for an opera, and travelled to Vancouver, Toronto and London, England among other cities.

Deverell has served in various provincial and national organizations, including the Playwrights Union of Canada, the Guild of Canadian Playwrights.  He was was a founding member of the Saskatchewan Playwrights' Centre

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