Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering offers an opportunity to make a difference, build skills and increase capacity. The Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Coordinator has a variety of volunteer opportunities depending on your availability, skills and interests.

Step In Step Up

Bringing in the Bystander is a two hour training opportunity aimed at building a positive, safe and empathetic University community. Students will learn how to make a difference when it comes to sexual assault and imtimate partner violence by "stepping up and speaking up" safely and effectively. One of the strengths of the Step In Step Up program is that it is designed specifically for peer group facilitation. Therefore, we are looking for students interested in developing facilitation and communication skills while making a difference in the University community.

Pop up Consent tables

Throughout the year, pop up consent tables will be set up with the intention of sharing information with students on consent and sexualized violence. This volunteer opportunity does not require a large time committment.

If you are interested in these opportunities- please contact Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Coordinator at 306-337-3149 or sexual.violence.response@uregina.ca