Close Out Your Project

The closing of a Research Fund typically occurs when:

• The project has been completed;
• The Research Fund is at a zero balance and no further installments are expected;
• The term of the grant (end date) has passed; and/or
• The grant has been terminated.

When any of the above occurs, the Principal Investigator must notify the Office of Research Services.

The Office of Research Services will ensure that all of the terms and conditions have been met and will undertake any procedures required for termination.

The Principal Investigator, in consultation with Financial Services and/or the Office of Research Services, will ensure that all financial transactions associated with the project are appropriately recorded prior to the closing of the Fund. Upon termination, any remaining balance will be treated as per the terms and conditions of the grant or contract and the Research Fund will be closed.

Follow all policies and procedures in the Health and Safety Policy for closing out your research laboratory and disposing of any chemicals or hazardous waste.

Notify Facilities Management if your space requires renovation or reassignment following completion of your project.

Notify Supply Management Services if you have equipment, including computers, printers, etc., that needs to be disposed of following the completion of your project.