Open a Research Account

The Office of Research Services must approve the creation of every research fund. It is the responsibility of the Office of Research Services to ensure that the terms and conditions of each fund conform to University Policies and Guidelines.

The Office of Research Services must also approve any renewals or extensions of existing research funds.

Unless approved by the Vice-President (Research), only faculty members (including emeriti and adjunct professors), professional research personnel, and continuing staff members may administer research funds. An exception is for CIHR doctoral award recipients for whom CIHR policy states the “awardee” must be in charge of the research allowance. Otherwise, students requiring funds may only have accounts created in the name of their supervisor, and the supervisor must agree to take full responsibility of the fund on behalf of the student.

Award notices from CIHR, NSERC, and SSHRC are normally sent to the Principal Investigator, the Office of Research Services, and Financial Services. Practices of other granting bodies vary, and a copy of the award notification, if sent only to the Principal Investigator, should be forwarded to the Office of Research Services. The opening of a research fund prior to receipt of an award letter requires special permission from the Director of the Office of Research Services or designate.

The Office of Research Services ensures all grants and contracts meet the required ethics approval, animal care review, or other necessary approvals.

If the University agrees to the conditions of the grant or contract, a memo will be issued by the Office of Research Services to Financial Services to open a fund in the name of the Principal Investigator. Once Financial Services has created this fund, the Principal Investigator will receive a confirmation of the new fund via email from Financial Services. The email will contain the fund and organization codes needed to charged expenses to a FOAPAL.