Philosophy, Politics and Economics Program (PPE)


The University of Regina joins a handful of Canadian universities in offering the Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) undergraduate program, a qualification offered by major universities around the world.

The PPE program draws upon not one but three disciplines – philosophy, politics and economics – to examine today’s global challenges from a broad-based perspective. Not only will you learn to identify these challenges, you will develop the knowledge and skills needed to help solve them.





Possible careers with a PPE education

Since this qualification has become internationally known, many graduates from other PPE programs have launched successful careers in public service, business management, public relations and advertising, public policy, international relations, and consulting - just to name a few. One of the program's key strengths is its breadth - you will gain the unique insights and skill sets offered by three disciplines. This kind of broad-based learning and experience is an asset in any job field. Critical and ethical thinking skills, the ability to formulate and communicate ideas, the ability to creatively analyse issues from a global perspective - these are all skills for the modern world, and skills that the PPE program specializes in.  

For those who wish to pursue further studies upon graduation, the PPE program at the University of Regina will provide a strong foundation for entering law school, or professional programs in public administration (MPA), business administration (MBA) or graduate-level studies in philosophy, economics, or political Science.

The PPE curriculum

In addition to being able to take courses in all three disicplines, the PPE program has two dedicated courses: Foundations of PPE (PPE 200) and PPE 400, a capstone seminar for students in their final year of study.

If you are interested in the PPE program, we recommend you take the following bundle of courses during your first year of study here at the University of Regina. If you have further questions about these courses or their pre-requisites, please contact the Arts Student Services Office. An academic advisor can assist you in planning your degree and in registering for these courses.

A printable list of all current PPE program offerings are also available:

Winter 2025

Fall 2024

Spring/Summer 2024

Winter 2024


Fall semester Winter semester
Political Science 100
Philosophy 150
Economics 100  
Faculty of Arts course*
Faculty of Arts course*   
Philosophy 100
Political Science 230 OR Political Science 210,220 or 240
Economics 201 or 202  
Faculty of Arts course*
Faculty of Arts course*

* Please consult the Academic Calendar or visit Arts Student Services Office to learn more about what courses meet this requirement  

Applying to the PPE Program

The University of Regina Future Students website has all the information you need in order to apply, including all relevant deadlines. You can apply online or download a printable application form. Should you have questions or require assistance with your application, admissions staff can help!


What our students have to say

'PPE can help you understand the world around you.'

'It changes the way you see the world.'

'Recognize that the jobs that are out there are not in any one discipline, but when you can bring all three of them together.'

'PPE is a toolkit for solving the world's problems.'


Do you have questions about the Philosophy, Politics and Economics program? We're here to help. Contact a PPE instructor: Roger Petry (Philsophy and Classics) at; or Carmen Dybwad (Economics) at


PPE program professors analyse the issue of tuition and the future of post-secondary education in the following panel disussion.

This panel discussion was presented by UR POLIS, the University of Regina Politics and International Studies Student Society.