Tom Phenix

Associate Professor (Campion College)

Office: CM 408
Phone: 306-359-1257
Fax: 306-359-1200

Research interests
Mathematical cognition; arithmetic knowledge representation; memory retrieval processes

Representative Publications:

Campbell, J.I.D., Fuchs, S., & Phenix, T. (In Press). Identical elements model of arithmetic memory: Extension to addition and subtraction. Memory & Cognition.

Phenix, T. & Campbell, J.I.D. (2004). Effects of multiplication practice on product verification: Integrated structures model or retrieval-induced forgetting? Memory & Cognition, 32, 324-335.

Phenix, T., & Campbell, J.I.D. (2001). Fan effects reveal position-specific numerical concepts. Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology, 55, 271-276.

Current Scholarly Projects

  • Investigating the impact of Retrieval-Induced Forgetting on arithmetic retrieval strategies