M.Sc. Program details


Psyc 801 Research Design and Methodology in Psychology                     (3 credit hours)
Psyc 802 Applied Multivariate Statistics                                                    (3 credit hours)
Psyc 806 Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice                           (3 credit hours)
Psyc 832 Advanced Psychopathology                                                       (3 credit hours)
Psyc 850 Psychological Assessment I                                                       (3 credit hours)
Psyc 860 Psychological Interventions I                                                     (3 credit hours)

Psyc 876 Internship in Clinical Psychology                                                  (1 credit hour)

Psyc 900 Graduate Seminar                                                                      (2 credit hours)
Psyc 901 Thesis Research                                                                       (16 credit hours)

                                                                                     Total Credit Hours: 37 credit hours

All course work is taken in the first academic year. The second academic year is used to complete research and usually the four month internship. Students in this program will normally apply for admission to the Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology in January of their second year in the program. At this time of application to the PhD, all required course work and the clinical internship should be complete and data collection for the MA well underway. The likelihood of being accepted into the PhD program decreases if students do not meet these timelines.