Graduate Experimental and Applied Program

Experimental and Applied Psychology (EAP) Degree Programme


The Experimental and Applied Psychology (EAP) programme is designed to train psychologists who will work in either academic settings or as researchers in industry or the public sector. Students in the EAP programme have the opportunity to specialize in Cognitive, Developmental, Forensic, Social, or Theoretical Psychology, or in Neuroscience.


The EAP programme focuses on training students to become independent researchers who are capable of carrying out high quality, high impact research. Faculty in the EAP programme have research interests that address both basic questions of global importance and applied problems that impact our community, our province, and our country. To this end, student training takes place in traditional laboratory settings as well as in nonacademic community settings, such as in hospitals, schools, and law enforcement agencies. A key component of the EAP programme is strong mentorship, with students working closely with their supervisors at every stage of the development and implementation of research projects. Students also have opportunities to work with researchers in areas outside of their immediate area of specialization, and collaboration is encouraged. As part of their training, students are encouraged to present their findings at research conferences both at the University of Regina and around the globe. To this end, the Faculty of Graduate Studies provides travel awards on a competitive basis, in three competitions each year.

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