Dean's Welcome

chistie_schultz_200pxx267px.jpgThe education landscape continues to evolve and the Centre for Continuing Education strives to evolve with it to serve growing and changing needs of our many diverse students. The current and future work we do through our program areas will help to ensure the best possible experience for those who choose to learn at CCE.

Career & Professional Development
Career and professional development is important to career success on many levels. We offer a suite of undergraduate and non-credit professional development programs that start students on a career path and help them grow and advance in their field along the way.

Flexible Learning
How we learn is rapidly changing. Thanks to technology, and our partnerships with other faculties and regional colleges, we’re able to enhance the online learning experience and bring the classroom to people anywhere, anytime. The ability to make education available in a variety flexible ways gives students across the province and beyond the opportunity to better themselves and reach their personal and professional goals. Our hard work developing flexible course options like online, evening and face-to-face regional college courses among others is instrumental to achieving this.

Conservatory of Performing Arts
Nurturing the development of the young minds of children through music and performing and visuals arts can support their success when they grow up. The Conservatory’s private lessons and group programs provide an outlet for kids of all ages to explore the arts and their individual creativity while also learning important life skills such as self-discipline, socializing, team work, and so on. And, adults can also discover and share their love for the arts through a variety of programs.

Lifelong Learning
There’s a strong sense of community among the students who take personal enrichment programs at our Lifelong Learning Centre. For adults in every stage of life, we offer programs that appeal to everyone. From fitness to lifestyle, languages to history, and more, our programs keep students active and engaged.

English as a Second Language
The international student body has been steadily growing at the U of R. Many students come to take our ESL programs with the goal of moving on to a degree program. Others come here to learn English and take those skills to pursue opportunities back home. It’s important to us to help support international student success through high quality English language programs.

Our century old College Avenue Campus tells a rich story of the many generations who have come here to learn and grow and achieve their goals. I look forward to adding more to our story, and I hope you’ll be a part of it with us.

Christie Schultz
Dean, Centre for Continuing Education