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Business and Management Certificates Education and Health Certificates Liberal Arts
Administration 1 Inclusive Education Certificate in Liberal Arts
Administration 2 Pastoral Studies Diploma in Liberal Arts
Local Government Authority FNUniv Interdisciplinary Studies Customized Professional Development
Local Government Authority Advanced FNUniv Extended Studies in Aboriginal Education Customized Training
Nonprofit Sector Leadership and Innovation FNUniv Extended Studies in First Nations Language Learn English in the Workplace
FNUniv Administration (Indigenous Management) FNUniv Language Instruction
Transition Programs
FNUniv Hospitality, Tourism and Gaming Entertainment Management Educational Leadership in Saskatchewan Certificate in Indigenous Access Transition Education (IATEC)
Business Analysis Saskatchewan Institute of
Health Leadership
High School Accelerated
Professional Leadership Communications Credit for Prior Learning
Professional Management Public Relations Casual Studies
Project Management Professional Seminars Student Services
Supply Chain Management Diploma Credit Students
Non-credit Students