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Remote Teaching

Instructor Support for Exams

Final or Mid-Term Exams Supports and Resources

Exam Information and Options

Support Model for Final Exams

Extensive support is available for instructors planning final exams in UR Courses, including pedagogical consultation, assistance determining options, help adding questions to UR Courses, and technical support while the exam is in progress.

View the Exam Support Flowchart for information on how support is set up. Instructors can take advantage of the full support model, or choose to only access portions of the offered support that may be helpful.


Exam options and setup in UR Courses

  • Have students submit an assignment using the UR Courses Assignment tool
    • in addition to, or instead of an exam,
    • students can submit files, or photos of completed work, writings, drawings, graphs, diagrams, etc.,
    • can be timed (include open and closed dates/times for submitting).
  • Create an exam using the UR Courses Quiz tool
    • creating questions,
    • randomizing questions from a question bank (create more questions than what each student will get on each exam; helps with cheating because each student gets a different exam in a different order),
    • shuffling questions and answers,
    • timed exam,
      • the accommodation guidance letter provided by your Dean should be helpful to faculty who engage this option,
      • can add extra time for students with accommodations (UR Courses quiz tool user override),
    • treat the exam as an open book,
    • If your students have questions during the exam, one option is to ask them to direct message you within UR Courses. Note: If you use UR Courses messaging, ensure you refresh your browser window frequently to ensure you receive new messages right away.
  • Refer to Assessment for Remote Teaching and Learning before deciding on what type of final assessment to use in your course.
  • Student Accommodations  should be considered.

"Gradual Entry" exam start countdown timer

There is a feature in UR Courses, to stagger start times on a quiz/exam. If enabled, when the student accesses the quiz, they would be presented with a countdown timer indicating when the 'Attempt quiz now' button will be available. This delay timer removes the need for refreshing the screen, making it more convenient for students, while also reducing the load on the server.

The countdown timer will add between 1 and 60 seconds to the Start Time set for the quiz (in the Timing section), and display the countdown to the student. Students accessing the quiz after the set Start Time do not see a timer, and instead go directly to the quiz as usual.

We ask that you give extra consideration to enabling this option if you have a large class with more than 100 students.

To enable the Gradual Entry timer, edit the Quiz settings:

"Quiz Administration" - "Extra restrictions on attempts" - "Gradual entry to the quiz" - check the box for "Sets a random access delay".

A short video demonstrating how to set it up is available at:

A short video on how the timer looks to students is available at:

Note: Exam duration is not affected by the timed delay, as each student would still be given the allotted length of time set as 'duration' in UR Courses. We do not recommend setting the exam 'end time' as the exact length, in case students have technical issues getting the exam started.

Online Exam Proctoring Information - Proctortrack

The University has implemented the Proctortrack platform for remote proctoring of exams in UR Courses.

Please review the Academic Guidelines for Remote Proctoring and ensure you are in compliance with the recommendations provided.

It is also important to ensure you are familiar with the Privacy Guidelines for Proctortrack Recordings as they contain personal information of students.

  • Request access to use Proctortrack: The University does not require course instructors to use the remote proctoring solution for their exam, however if you decide to do so, please contact the IT Support Centre and request that the Proctortrack platform be enabled for your course exam(s).
    • Note: If you intend to use remote proctoring for purposes beyond the final exam, such as for midterms, please discuss these plans with your Dean or Department Head in advance.
    • Please contact the IT Support Centre to request access to use Proctortrack UR Courses quizzes/exams if you do not already have the required access.
    • Once set up, you will be able to 'enable proctoring' for an existing or new quiz in UR Courses.
  • Instructions: Information and instructions are in URSource on the TLC manuals page under 'Protortrack'
    • There is a Proctortrack Instructor Quicksheet and Instructor Manual to help you get setup.
    • There are several videos available that demonstrate Setup of Onboarding quiz, Viewing Onboarding Status, Exam Settings and Exam Review.
    • Note: Each student must take an 'Onboarding' quiz in every course that is using Proctortrack. Even if a student has taken the Central Onboarding quiz, they still need to access an Onboarding Quiz in each course they are in to access exams for that course. As an instructor, you need to create an Onboarding quiz in each of your courses that is using Proctortrack.
  • Exam Assistance: For assistance with setting up Proctortrack and/or live technical support during an in-progress exam in UR Courses, fill out the UR Courses Support Ticket Form.
  • Try out Proctortrack: Instructors can try out the Proctortrack Onboarding Exam experience in UR Courses, from the student point of view, by accessing the "Proctortrack: Instructors" course and taking the Onboarding Exam.

Other remote proctoring options?

The University has implemented the Proctortrack platform for remote proctoring of exams in UR Courses. No other remote proctoring solution is permissible for use, including Zoom. Proctortrack was adopted by the University following a careful assessment of this tool with respect to data security, protection of personal information, and functionality for student identification, exam invigilation and academic misconduct investigation. 

While the University has adopted Zoom for remote teaching, Zoom has not been assessed for use as an exam invigilation tool. Of note, Zoom meeting content and recordings (video, audio, and text chat) may pass through servers outside of Canada data centres, including the US.  It is not possible to exclude the US data centres at this time, which poses some risk under the US Patriot Act. In the case of Proctortrack, data is transferred to secure servers located in Canada, which was an important consideration in the selection of this platform.

We also strongly advise course instructors against using any other remote proctoring solutions that have not been assessed by the University; they may pose risks with regard to data security and privacy. 

Support and Assistance for Setting up a Remote Delivery Exam

Assistance setting up exams in UR Courses, including exam check and live exam support

If you choose to conduct a quiz or exam through UR Courses, a staff member can be assigned to assist with:

  • Setup of the quiz/exam in UR Courses, 
  • Answer technical (how-to) questions for those creating exams on their own
  • Add questions and content to the exam
  • Review exam and check exam settings
  • Assist with setup of Proctortrack and related exam settings
  • Provide live technical support and assistance during an exam.
    • A staff member can be available during the exam to assist with questions and help deal with technical issues that may arise.
    • The helper can setup a Zoom meetingduring the exam so you can easily discuss issues.
    • They will have access to an Exam Expert to contact for additonal support if needed.

For assistance with exam setup in UR Courses, please submit the UR Courses and Instructional Support Ticket Form at least 5 days prior to your final exam. 10 business days is recommended to ensure support. Additional time may be required to build exams that require extensive audio, images, or mathematical calculations.

Additional Exam Support

Visit the Resources & Support page for further assistance.

Student Practice Exam

UR Courses Practice Exam and Proctortrack Practice Exam for Students

  • Students have access to try out a generic UR Courses exam, to ensure they understand how it works and that they have adequate technology to access a UR Courses exam.
  • Students can click the following link: https://urcourses.uregina.ca/course/view.php?id=16143 then Click 'Enrol Me',
  • There is a non-proctored UR Courses Practice Exam 
  • There is an option for students to try out Proctortrack Onboarding and a Proctortrack Practice exam