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Remote Learning


Welcome to the Remote Learning Information Page for Students

"Hey Students! This is David. We should talk."

A video lesson in the realities of remote learning from Dr. David Gerhard, Professor, Computer Science.

Note that Dr. Gerhard describes the most typical level of use of Proctortrack, but in some cases, Faculties may utilize increased functionality of Proctortrack (Level 2), which includes automated data analysis, similar to a Turnitin report, to identify suspicious behaviour during a proctored exam. Proctortrack does not determine academic misconduct, it simply identifies anomalies for follow-up by Investigating Deans.

This is a recording of a Zoom webinar hosted February 3, 2021

In this webinar, Dr. Paul Bruno, provides an overview of the Proctortrack e-proctoring platform recently adopted by the University of Regina for online examination invigilation. Topics include 1) a short description of how Proctortrack works, and 2) the importance of proctoring/invigilation for online examinations in terms of encouraging student learning and the value of the grades awarded to our students.

First Steps

How do I find out what my instructor is planning for my course?

1) Login to UR Courses to view information for each course you are registered in. If you do not see a course, click 'Site Home' at the top left as the dashboard view may not show all courses you have access to.

Click the 'Course Summary' link under each class to view the information from your instructor. 

Note: Even if your instructor is not planning to use UR Courses for course material, there should still be some information about the course plans in UR Courses.

2) Log into Outlook and check your and current password, as some instructors may send an email to students with more information.

Is my instructor using UR Courses?

  • Many instructors are providing remote learning using UR Courses, but not all.
  • Log in to UR Courses and click the 'course summary' for each class to see what information your instructor has provided about their plans for course delivery.
  • Note: Having information in the 'course summary' for a class does not necessarily mean that the instructor will be using UR Courses for all the course material.

Is my instructor using Zoom?

  • Your instructor will provide you with information on their plans for use of Zoom.
  • Many instructors will be using Zoom through UR Courses. You will need to login to UR Courses and access your course to find the Zoom connection information.
  • Some instructors may be using their own Zoom account and setting up Zoom meetings for the class on their own. Your instructor will provide you with information if they have chosen this option.
  • Some instructors may not be using Zoom, especially for web-delivered courses that do not have a set meeting time.

What do the different course delivery codes mean, when I register for a class?

Students can access next semester course summary inforamtion approximately one month before the semester starts

  • Hybrid – A hybrid class is delivered both on-site in a classroom and remotely.
    • Students who want to take the class on-site will register in a Hybrid – on-site classroom class section and students who want to take the class remotely via Zoom will register in a Hybrid – remote class section.
  • Hyflex – A hyflex class is delivered on-site in a classroom and remotely.
    • The key difference that a hyflex class section has from hybrid class sections, is that it allows students to attend either on-site or remotely at will. Students may attend the class section for the entire term
    • on-site or remotely, or attend on-site or remotely as it fits their schedule for the week.
  • See Quick Guide to to Class Registration for further information.

UR Courses

How do I log in to UR Courses? What If I have trouble logging in to UR Courses?

Login to UR Courses. You can find the link to UR Courses on the main UofR Student page as well.

Login using your usual username and password.

If you have issues logging in to UR Courses, contact the IS Service Desk.

Note: If you enter the wrong password 5 times, your UR Courses account will be locked. Check your uregina webmail for a link to unlock it and try again, contact the IS Service Desk (formerly, IT Support Centre).The staff can unlock it for you, and assist if you do not remember your password.

Where can I learn more about UR Courses?

There is a comprehensive UR Courses Student Guide available online.

Student Supports for Successful Remote Learning

Looking for tips on being successful in remote learning?

The UR Courses Student Guide includes a section on Student Support with helpful tips.

Where can I find non-technical support like counselling services, writing help and tutoring?

There is a Student Wellness Centre on campus. See for further information.

Also, visit the Counselling Services page for information on online counselling, well-being, and mental health resources. 

View the resources on the Student Success Centre site including: 

Library Services

  • Please visit, for up-to-date information about library services.
    • Students can access all online library resources remotely from off campus.
    • You can request access to print materials and pick up at the library.
    • When accessing journals from off-campus via the Library at you will be prompted to provide your uregina username and password to connect and authorize your access to the resource.

Privacy, and Accommodations

Have concerns about being recorded?

  • The University Governance office has provided guidelines to instructors regarding privacy and recordings.
  • As a general practice, the University is not recommending that instructors record class discussions except as authorized because of a request to accommodate a student registered with the Centre for Student Accessibility.
  • If you have concerns about a course being recorded, please contact your department, faculty or academic unit.

Require information on accommodations?

Contact the Centre for Student Accessibility for all questions or needs regarding accommodations for exams or other needs. Ideally, contact them prior to the start of your course to ensure your accommodations needs can be met.

"The Centre for Student Accessibility upholds the university's commitment to a diverse and inclusive learning community by providing services and support to enable students with disabilities to approach their studies in an equal and effective manner."

Other Questions and Support

How do I purchase my textbooks from the Campus Bookstore?

The Campus Store has an online ordering site, where you can purchase textbooks as well as other merchandise.

How do I reset my Password?

  • If you forget your password you can re-enable your account by going to
    • Click on the "Forgot Password for username" link on the right side of the page.
    • Follow instructions on creating a new password.
    • You will be emailed a link to your alternate email to set a new password.
  • If you require assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.

How do I reset my PIN?

  • If you forget your PIN you can reset it yourself by going to
    • Click on the "Forgot PIN for UR Self-Service" link on the right side of the page.
    • Follow instructions on Forgotten Your PIN.
    • You will be emailed a link to your email account.
  • If you require assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.

How do I access, share, and store files?

How can I protect devices on my home network from computer security threats?

  • Protect individual devices, or a whole home network with the Canadian Shield DNS Firewall
  • Protect against theft of personal and financial data.
  • Keep viruses, ransomware, and other malware out of your home.

What if I have academic or other support questions or questions about my courses?

  • Contact your instructor if you have questions about a current course.
  • Contact your Faculty or Department for questions related to your program, courses, or graduation requirements.
  • Visit the Academic Advising Offices page to find contact information.

What should I do if I feel ill?

View the illness flowchart and other COVID-19 resources on the Health, Safety & Wellness department site. 
For Campus Technical Support and Information, See Information Services For other assistance or support, please contact the IS Service Desk.