Academic Advising Offices

Advising Office Phone/Email Location
Academic Advising at the Student Success Centre 306-585-4076
Drop-in advising
Riddell Centre, RC 230
Arts 306-585-4137
Drop-in advising
Arts Student Services Office,
Classroom Bldg., CL 411
Business Administration
Hill Undergraduate Students
Business Administration General Office, Education Bldg.,
ED 517
Levene Graduate Students
Business Administration General Office, Education Bldg.,
ED 517
Campion College 306-359-1226
Toll Free 1-800-667-7282
Campion Registrar’s Office,
Campion College, CM 301
Continuing Education, Career and Professional Development Division 306-585-5807
Advising Appointments
College Bldg., CB 212

Education 306-585-4537
Advising Appointments
Education Student Services Centre,
Education Bldg., ED 355
Bureau de Bac 306-585-4507
La Cité, CT 211
Engineering and Applied Science 306-585-4706
General Office,
Education Bldg., ED 409
First Nations University Toll Free 1-800-267-6303
Regina students 306-790-5950 ext. 3127 Regina Campus
Saskatoon students 306-931-1800 ext. 3127 or 7501 Saskatoon Campus
Northern students 306-765-3333 ext. 7501 Northern Campus
Graduate Studies 306-585-4161
Centre for Kinesiology, Health, and Sport, CK 227
Kinesiology and Health Studies 306-585-4360
Centre for Kinesiology, Health, and Sport, CK 170
La Cité universitaire francophone 306-337-3280
Centre de services aux étudiants,
La Cité, CT 217
Luther College 306-585-5444
Academic Office,
Luther College, LC 200
Media, Art, and Performance 306-585-5570
Drop-in advising
Student Program Center,
Riddell Centre, RC 267
Toll Free 1-855-830-3300
Research and Innovation Centre,
RI 508
Drop-in advising
Science Academic Hub,
Laboratory Bldg., LB 238
Social Work
Drop-in advising
Pre-SW (Southern SK): Academic Advising Riddell Centre, RC 230
BSW and Pre-SW (Northern SK): Faculty of Social Work,
Book Online
Regina Campus: 306-585-4554 Education Bldg., ED 456
Saskatoon Campus: 306-664-7370 Concourse Bldg. 111
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