Welcome to the Student Success Centre

Academic Advising

Academic advisors are providing services remotely and in-person! Supports are available by phone, zoom, email, or in-person. See here for details regarding advising options, formats, and availability. Alternately, click on the Academic Advising tab above for more information!

Learning Skills

Learning skills consultations are available in-person or remotely via phone or zoom. Please click here to book an appointment.

Writing Tutoring 

Writing tutoring is also offered through in Person and Zoom appointments. 

Math and Stats Tutoring 

 Math and Stats Tutoring is offered through in person and Zoom appointments

Transition Programs (ATP, ARP, Pathway)

Please email all questions or concerns to transition.programs@uregina.ca. This email account will be monitored closely so you will get a reply.

Success starts here! We understand that every student has different expectations of University, different learning styles and different needs. Our personalized support services are designed to encourage and assist you in making the most of your University experience. We can help you face academic challenges, develop skills, set goals and connect with others. We will also help you prepare for life after University, whether that be a career, graduate degree or something else. We are committed to your success as an individual.
Our wide range of programs and free services will help you transition into University, become a more effective and efficient student, and encourage you to engage in learning and in everything the University of Regina has to offer.


Student Success Centre Mission Statement

The Student Success Centre provides personalized guidance and support to students in achieving their university, professional development,  and life goals. Our services and programs are student-focused and provide students with the opportunity to achieve academic success, to get involved in student life activities, to gain leadership skills, and to give back to the community. We encourage our students to participate in reflection and goal setting, which leads to them becoming independent learners. We aid students with their transition into the University of Regina, support them during their time as a student, and help them prepare for life after university.