Mental Wellness Hub
University of Regina


If there is one thing the pandemic has shown us, it is that we all respond to major changes differently. While some people have been eager to get out and about, others may be taking slightly more cautious steps into socialising. The important thing to remember as we return to on campus community life is that everyone will have different experiences and expectations.  You won't know what someone else is going through so don’t assume that everyone else is fine and you are the only one who is nervous about returning to the on-campus community.

Take the time you need to understand what works best for YOU as things start to return to "normal".  This will not happen overnight, so take your time and don’t feel pressured to make changes just because people around you are.Be kind to friends or peers who look a little nervous, give people time to adjust and ensure that you use the supports available to you here on the Mental Wellness Hub. are not alone!


Your Health, Safety & Wellness Team