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Welcome (or back) to the University of Regina!

The past couple of years have been especially difficult, with the COVID-19 pandemic creating changes in our ways of learning, our methods of working and teaching, how we interact with co-workers, and our everyday social interactions.

The University of Regina is committed to supporting mental wellness initiatives and programs that support the mental, and overall, wellbeing of our campus community. As we navigate back to a more traditional environment, feelings of anxiety, stress and uncertainty may be present for some. The adjustments that we have all had to make have been difficult but adjusting back also brings with it some apprehension.

During this time, it is important to reflect on ourselves, our needs and to reach out if we need supports. Taking a proactive approach to your mental wellness will go a long ways in our adjustments. Self-care, practicing gratitude and thankfulness, proper sleep, nutrition and hygiene and accessing supports have been scientifically proven to aid our psychological development and to provide a positive experience.

Some of our campus community may be excited to be back to campus, while others may be more apprehensive – both feelings are justified. 

Everyone will feel different and that’s OK

The important thing to remember as we go back to on campus life is that everyone’s experiences and expectations will be different.  You don’t know what everyone else is going through so don’t assume that everyone else is fine and you are the only one who is nervous about the changes.

If there is one thing this pandemic has shown us it is that we all respond to major changes differently. While some people have been eager to get out and about, others may be taking slightly more cautious steps into socialising. 

Take the time you need to understand what works best for YOU as things start to return to the "new normal".
This will not happen overnight, so take your time and don’t feel pressured to make changes just because people around you are.

Be kind to friends or peers who look a little nervous, give people time to adjust and ensure that you use the supports available to you here on the Mental Wellness Hub.

Have a great Fall term and are not alone!


Rob McCaffrey, Mental Health Advisor
Human Resources, Health, Safety & Wellness
Email: or
Phone:  (306) 585-5248