Notice: Important information about COVID-19 here.

Welcome to the Centre for Student Accessibility


We are currently working remotely. If you require an appointment or need to communicate with an Accessibility Advisor, please email, we will do our best to respond in a timely manner.

Due to the format of Spring/Summer classes, some accommodations may not be applicable or may need to be arranged differently. It's important to discuss your specific needs with each of your intsructors to ensure that you are supported properly. Please continue to check UR Courses, Webmail, and the university website for updates.

For students who require reader/scribe accommodations for exams, please discuss options with your instructors. Following is a list of free software that can be used at home to replace reader/scribe:

For Speech to Text:

  • Google Docs ->Tools->Voice Typing

  • ClaroSpeak ->Tools->Voice Typing

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking is a paid program that you may already have on your computer.

For Text to Speech:

More information on Assistive Technology can be found here.

Thank you for your understanding.


Registered Students: Need your Accommodation Letters? Submit your request online.
Make sure you understand your responsibilities and know the exam deadlines.

You must request your accommodation letters for classes in the spring/summer semester by dates listed below. Please read the table carefully. Letters requested after the deadline date will not be sent.
Class Start Date Class End Date Deadline for Requesting Letters
May 4 May 26 May 19
May 4 June 17 June 3
May 4 July 31 July 6
May 4 August 19 July 16
June 1 June 22 June 15
July 6 July 27 July 20
July 6 August 19 August 5
August 4 August 25 August 18


The University of Regina wishes to support all students in achieving academic success while enjoying a full and rewarding university experience.

The Centre for Student Accessibility upholds the university's commitment to a diverse and inclusive learning community by providing services and support to enable students with disabilities to approach their studies in an equal and effective manner.

The Centre aims to encourage independence, self-advocacy and equality for all students, while maintaining personal, confidential service.