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Welcome to the Centre for Student Accessibility



Letter requests for the Fall 2021 semester can be submitted through Accommodate as of August 16, 2021.

The Accommodations Test Centre is planning for a January 2022 opening. Information related to the ATC launch will be sent out to students and instructors in November 2021.

Software Update

The Centre for Student Accessibility is now using Accomodate which allows both students and instructors to view and apply for additional accommodations, submit letter requests and alternate format requests all through an online portal: https://uregina-accommodate.symplicity.com. Please see the following links for both an instructor and student guide on how to use Accommodate. There is also a short video showing students how to navigate the system. These resources are also available in Accommodate under the "Resources" tab.

Exam and Class Accommodations during COVID-19 

Please note that there are some accommodations that will NOT be applicable to remote class delivery. Due to some students receiving on-campus delivery of classes (including labs), all accommodations will remain in student plans. Please only implement accommodations that are relevant to remote classes; where that is the means of class delivery. 

Proctortrack and Accommodations: *NEW INFORMATION*

The University-adopted remote proctoring software, Proctortrack, which records student activity and takes screenshots of the student’s computer during an exam. This software is in place in order to facilitate instructors’ detection and investigation of potential academic misconduct. Some approved accommodations, such as pacing and bathroom breaks, may alert the Proctortrack program. Therefore, if such approved accommodations are part of a student’s accommodation plan, please discuss this situation with the student. It is recommended that when the student needs to temporarily leave the room for a bathroom break or another type of approved accommodation, they should report it to the instructor by using the UR Courses chat function and announce it to the webcam just prior to leaving the room.

Given that the Accommodations Test Centre (ATC) has remained unopened during the COVID-19 pandemic and that some speech to text/text to speech software is incompatible with Proctortrack, it has become necessary to deliver the reader/scribe accommodation to students through Zoom.  Please contact your Faculty if you have a student requiring the reader/scribe accommodation (with the date and time of the exam).

Centre for Student Accessibility (CSA) https://www.uregina.ca/student/accessibility/index.html


If you require an appointment or need to communicate with an Accessibility Advisor, please email accessibility@uregina.ca, we will do our best to respond in a timely manner.

The University of Regina wishes to support all students in achieving academic success while enjoying a full and rewarding university experience.

The Centre for Student Accessibility upholds the University's commitment to a diverse and inclusive learning community by providing services and support to enable students with disabilities to approach their studies in an equal and effective manner.

The Centre aims to encourage independence, self-advocacy and equality for all students, while maintaining personal, confidential service.

Centre for Student Accessibility:

  • First point of contact for students requiring accommodations
  • Approves both in-class and exam accommodations

Accommodations Test Centre (ATC):

  • Provides exam (quizzes, mid-terms and finals) space for accommodated students
  • Ensures assistive technology is available during exams

Student Role:

  • Request accommodations through CSA using the following link.
  • Let instructor know what in-class accommodations are required
  • Book exams through Accommodate.*

Instructor Role:

  • Provide support for in-class student accommodations and tests that require specialized equipment
  • Approve/decline exam requests through Accommodate

*Note that exams requiring specialized lab equipment cannot be written in the ATC and will have to be coordinated directly with the instructor.

Registered Students: Need your Accommodation Letters? Submit your request online.
Make sure you understand your responsibilities and know the exam deadlines.