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For application forms relating to admissions, re-admissions and transfers, visit the at Future Student's Web site.

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If you do not have access to UR-Self Service fill out this form to request a copy of your official transcripts.

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Medical Related and Other Special Forms

  • U of R Student Medical Certificate Adobe Acrobat PDF Document (81k) - used when either an application of adjustment of fees and/or grades, or an application for deferral of term work and/or final exam requires medical documentation
  • Application for Adjustment of Fees and/or Grades Adobe Acrobat PDF Document (34k) - a student should complete this form when withdrawing from courses for reasons beyond their control (such as illness, accident, or involuntary job transfer) AFTER the end of the 100% refund period
  • Application for Deferral of Term Work and/or Final Exam (Undergraduate Student) Adobe Acrobat PDF Document (146k) - Undergraduate students should complete this form to request an extension of deadlines for completion of assignments or final exams due to illness, death in the family, or other extreme and legitimate circumstances beyond their control.
  • Graduate Studies student must fill out the deferral form in the Miscellaneous Student Forms section of  Graduate Studies and Research .
  • Workers' Compensation Agreement Adobe Acrobat PDF Document (266k) and Student Work Placement Health & Safety Checklist Adobe Acrobat PDF Document (26k) - a student should complete these forms for Workers' Compensation coverage while out on an unpaid internship. Once filled out, submit the forms to your Department or Faculty. The Department or Faculty will confirm the work placement and forward the forms to the Registrar's Office to be put in the student's official file.

    Click here for more information on Procedures In The Event Of A Student Injury On A Work-Based Learning Placement