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Vice-President (Research) | Christopher Yost, PhD 

Karen Walker, Executive Assistant

Associate Vice-President (Research) | Andrea Sterzuk, PhD

Stacey Hansvall, Executive Assistant

Jocelyn Crivea, Manager Institute Project & Development


Office of Research Services Staff

The Grants team assists with the development of funding proposals and budgets.
The Compliance Specialists oversee compliance in the areas of animal care, human ethics, and hazardous materials.


Juliana Serroul | Director, Office of Research Services
306.337.2489 |
    * Effective Date March 1, 2023

Michelle Beitel | Manager, Research Grants
Barb Flynn | Research Facilitator, Social Science and Humanities
306.585.5383 |
Somiraa Said | Research Facilitator, Health Research
306.337.3240 |  
Liz Vanderlinde | Research Facilitator, Natural Sciences and Engineering
Ara Steininger | Compliance Specialist, Animals & Cannabis 
Rashmi (Gogo) Pandya | Compliance Specialist, Human Ethics

Office of Research Partnerships & Innovation Staff

The Partnership team assists to identify partnership-based funding opportunities and negotiate research contracts.   


Andrea Sterzuk | Associate Vice-President, Research
306.337.2341 |

Victor Goodman | Research Contract Officer (Human Research & Social Science)
306.337.3135 |
Michaela Stangier | Research Contract Officer (Mitacs, Data Sharing & Material Transfer)
306.337.2350 |
Saurabh Kapoor | Research Partnership Officer (Engineering & Science)
Andrew Doan |  Commercialization Officer
306.337.3293 |

Fatima Dargah | Senior Advisor Business Development, Mitacs 
306.201.9886 |


Administrative Staff (CUPE) Staff

The Administrative team assists the ORS & ORPI teams and is the primary point of contact for all inquiries. 


Pam Splett | Administrative Assistant, Director Office of Research Services 
306.585.4986 |
Jody Cote | Administrative Assistant
306.585.4269 |
Mandy Windecker | Administrative Assistant
306.585.4775 |
Research Ethics| 



Student Interns, Co-op Students and Research Assistants