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Vice-President (Research)

Christopher Yost, Phd  

Associate Vice-President (Research)

Andrea Sterzuk, Phd

Stacey Hansvall, Executive Assistant to AVPR
Phone: 306-337-2341; E-mail:


Office of Research Services Staff

TBA, Director

Pam Splett, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 306-585-4986; E-mail:

Mandy Windecker, Administrative Assistant
Main Office : 306-585-4775; E-mail:
Research Ethics Support:  306-585-4775; E-mail:

Jody Cote, Administrative Assistant
Main Office : 306-585-4269; E-mail:

Michelle Beitel, Manager, Research Grants
Phone: 306-337-2479; E-mail:

Lamin Massaquoi, Research Facilitator (Health Research)
Phone: 306-337-2372; E-mail:

Barb Flynn, Research Facilitator (Social Science and Humanities)
Phone: 306-585-5383; E-mail:

Somiraa Said, Research Facilitator (Natural Sciences and Engineering)
Phone: 306-337-3240; E-mail:

TBA, Manager, Research Partnerships

Supriya Bhat, Research Partnerships Officer
Phone: 306-585-4261; E-mail:

Andrew Doan, Commercialization Officer
phone: 306-337-3293; E-mail:

Victor Goodman, Contracts Officer
Phone: 306-337-3135: E-mail:

Ara Steininger, Research Compliance Officer 
Phone: 306-337-3238; E-mail:  

Gogo Pandya, Research Institute Project & Development Officer
Phone: 306-337-3130; E-mail: 

Mansi Pandya, Business Analyst Special Projects
Phone: 306-337-2351; E-mail:

 Fax:  306-585-4893