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Policies & Forms

The table below contains links to all research-related forms and templates, brief descriptions of the purpose of each form with links to additional information, and also links to the policies related to the forms (see Research-related Policies for a list of all current research policies). The forms are organized in the table according to the following categories:

  • Grant Administration Forms (Funded Research Approval Form, Notification of Intent to Apply, Conflict of Interest, etc.)
  • Research Compliance Forms (e.g., ethics, animal care, etc.)
  • Internal Grant Application Forms and Templates (e.g., University of Regina Seed Fund, Research Trust Fund, SSHRC Residual Fund, etc.)
  • External grant preparation forms and templates (Application forms for external grants requiring internal competition, Budget Templates, Proposal Templates, etc.)

Form Purpose of Form/Additional Information

Related Policy

Grant Administration Forms
Funded Research Approval Form (192 KB) PDF

All external research funding must be reviewed and approved by the Research Office prior to application for the funds. Please complete this form and submit it with your application to the Research Office by the internal application deadline (or 4 days prior to the external deadline for applications with no internal deadline).

See Associate Deans Research and Faculty Signing Authorities for a list of who should review your application and complete and sign this form at the faculty and department levels.

Signing Authorization (see Delegated Signing Authority)

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form for Research Projects (179 KB) Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form See Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment for more information.

Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment Policy

Research Compliance Forms
Human Ethics - Research Forms and Samples All research that involves human subjects requires review and approval by the University of Regina Ethics Board (REB) prior to its commencement. See Human Ethics for more information.
Research Ethics Board Policies

Animal Care Forms

Animal Use Protocol forms must be completed before any work involving animals on campus can be undertaken. See Animal Care for more information.

Care and Use of Animals Policy 

Internal Grant Application Forms and Templates
Research Trust Fund Donation Form (28 KB) Research Trust Fund Donation Form

See current URFA Faculty Collective Agreement for more information.

Research Trust Fund Application Form (47 KB) Research Trust Fund Application Form  

President's Research Seed Grant Fund

For more information see the UPresident's Research Seed Grant for more information.

External Grant Forms and Templates

Coming Soon:
Research Budget Template - (42 KB) .xls

Use this template as a general guideline for developing and formatting research budgets when no template or guideline is provided by the sponsor. See Contracts for more information. Recovery of Indirect Costs of Research

Budgetary Limits on Spending from Research and Special Purpose Accounts

Intellectual Property Policy

Research Proposal Template (16 KB) Research Budget Tool

Use this template as a general guideline for developing and formatting research proposals when no template or guideline is provided by the sponsor (i.e., for partnered research contracts). See Contracts for more information.
Intellectual Property Forms
Disclosure of Intellectual Property Form (71 KB) .docx Any Intellectual Property based on University research that may have a commercial application, or maybe of interest to research partners that funded the development of the Intellectual Property, must be identified and disclosed to the University. The form provides us with information we need to ensure that the Intellectual Property is free to be used outside of the research laboratory.
COVID-19 COVID-19 Research Risk Assessment and Continuity Planning Guide

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories: Call for Proposals Guidebooks (English) (738 KB)PDF

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories: Call for Proposals Guidebooks (French) (302 KB) PDF