Research with Cannabis

The University of Regina is committed to ensuring that all applicable requirements for the acquisition, use, storage, transfer and disposal of cannabis are met.  All research with cannabis must comply with the Cannabis Act (Canada), Cannabis Regulations (Canada), Cannabis Control (Saskatchewan) Act, Cannabis Control (Saskatchewan) Regulations, and the University of Regina Research with Cannabis Policy and Research with Cannabis Program.

Cannabis is defined as "A cannabis plant, or any part of a cannabis plant, including the phytocannabinoids produced by, or found in, such a plant, regardless of whether that part has been processed or not. For clarity, this includes products such as edibles or oils. It does not include:

  • a non-viable seed of a cannabis plant;
  • a mature stalk, without any leaf, flower, seed or branch, of such a plant;
  • fibre derived from a stalk referred to in item 2 (b. above);
  • the root or any part of the root of such a plant.

The Cannabis Research Committee is responsible for overseeing all cannabis research undertaken by members of the University of Regina and ensuring compliance with federal, provincial, and institutional legislation, regulations, and policy.  This includes research:

  • conducted by University of Regina faculty, staff, or students;
  • undertaken under the auspices of or in affiliation with the University of Regina; or
  • using University of Regina equipment, facilities, or resources.

All research with cannabis must be reviewed and approved by the Cannabis Research Committee prior to obtaining cannabis or its derivatives. The Research with Cannabis Program has been developed to ensure compliance with relevant legislation, regulations, and policies and ensuring that research proposed aligns with the institution's Cannabis Research License issued by Health Canada.

For more information, please contact the Research Compliance Specialist, Animals and Cannabis.

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