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University of Regina Policy

Research with Cannabis

Audience:All University employees; All University students
Issued:December 01, 2021
Revised:December 01, 2021
Owner(s):AVP (Research)
Approved by:VP (Research)
Contact:Director, Research Office - 306-337-2478


The University is committed to ensuring the highest standards of research. To meet this commitment, the Research with Cannabis Policy and Program, administered by the Research Office, provides resources and guidance. This policy outlines the University’s processes for conducting research with cannabis at the University of Regina.


The University of Regina is committed to ensuring all legislative requirements for the acquisition, use, storage, transfer and disposal of cannabis are met.

The Research with Cannabis Program has been developed and shall be maintained to ensure that the legislative requirements are known and followed, while at the same time, encouraging research into cannabis for the benefit of the public and the furtherance of the aims of the University. The Research with Cannabis Program describes in detail the roles and responsibilities of the “Responsible Person” (as identified in the University’s Cannabis Research Licence, issued by the Government of Canada), Cannabis Research Committee, Cannabis Research Coordinator, and Permit Holders.  Using the Program, the Cannabis Research Coordinator works with the Permit Holders and key stakeholders to ensure compliance with legislative requirements (Federal/Provincial Acts, regulations, standards and guidelines and Municipal bylaws).


Roles and Responsibilites

Vice-President (Research) or designate will:

  • Serve as the “Senior Manager” for the Cannabis Research Licence issued by the Government of Canada and appoint the “Responsible Person”.
  • Ensure that the Cannabis Research Committee oversees and administers this policy.
  • Provide sufficient personnel and resources for the administration and enforcement of requirements and procedures following from this policy.

Director, Research Office will:

  • Serve as the “Responsible Person” as identified in the University of Regina’s Cannabis Research Licence issued by the Government of Canada.
  • Submit and manage the University of Regina’s Cannabis Research Licence issued by the Government of Canada.
  • Serve as Cannabis Research Coordinator in that person’s absence.

Cannabis Research Committee will:

  • Oversee and administer this policy, to ensure compliance with legislative requirements.
  • Advise on training and education with respect to this policy.

Cannabis Research Coordinator will:

  • Provide advice and assistance in all matters related to cannabis research.
  • Create, update, and educate on procedures and practices for the use of cannabis in research.

All persons using cannabis for research will:

  • Comply with this policy.
  • Submit and have approved the Cannabis Research Application Form before obtaining cannabis for research purposes.
  • Meet all requirements as outlined in the Cannabis Research Program and the conditions in their respective permits.
  • Comply with legislative requirements (Federal/Provincial Acts, regulations, standards and guidelines and Municipal bylaws).
  • Ensure that no unauthorized person is given access to cannabis while it is in their possession.
  • Ensure that all members of the research team receive training about this policy and their obligations when using cannabis for research.

Consequences for Noncompliance

All members of the University community are subject to the requirements of this policy. Violations place the University at significant risk and are subject to appropriate corrective administrative, academic or non-academic discipline and could result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of the member’s position with the University, or in the case of a student, an academic suspension. Significant legal penalties may also be assessed under the authority of the applicable Cannabis Act and Regulations.


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