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Ethics Forms

Research Ethics Forms

Different applications are required for ethical approval depending on whether a project is a Behavioural Research project or a Biomedical Research project as defined below. If you need assistance in making the initial assessment, please contact the Research Compliance Officer in the Research Office.

Please submit one electronic copy of the application and appendices to
Signature pages will be accepted as a scanned document sent via e-mail (of just this page) or a hard copy to the:

Research Office, Research and Innovation Centre
Room 109, University of Regina
3737 Wascana Parkway
Regina, SK S4S 0A2

Questions? Phone: 306-585-4775

For readability, we prefer that you do not scan and email your full application.

If your research project involves a survey that you would like to conduct online, you are encouraged to use Qualtrics, for which the University of Regina has a site license. Information on and access to Qualtrics is available under Academic Software on the Library website. 

Filling out the REB ethics application when using Qualtrics: FAQs

Surveys involving study of the university as an institution and its faculty, staff, and students must adhere to the Surveys policy.

Behavioural Research Ethics Forms

The Application for Behavioural Research Ethics Review is used for the review of all ethics applications involving human subjects that include social, behavioural, and cultural research using methods such as interviews; surveys; questionnaires; observations; psychological, social, or behavioural interventions; or audio and/or video recording.

Biomedical Research Ethics Forms

The Application for Biomedical Ethics Review is used for review of all ethics applications involving human subjects that include medically invasive procedures; physical interventions and therapies (including exercise and diet interventions); administration and testing of drugs, natural products, or devices; or physiological imaging and measures (e.g., MRI or CT scans, heart rate, blood pressure). 

The Application for Secondary use of Data is used for a project that is based solely on the use of existing data (no other research method is being used).

Application for Secondary Use of Data (88 KB) Biomedical Ethics Review - Form Only

  • Right click (control click for mac) on the link for the form.
  • Select Download or Save As - save to desktop or wherever you save your files (do not try to open the form yet.
  • Open Adobe Acrobat or Reader
  • From Adobe open the REB Form
Application Form (3.1 MB) PDF Form Biomedical - Application Form Only (115 KB) Biomedical Ethics Review - Form Only
Application Guidance Note webpage (the links are also embedded in the application form above) Biomedical - Application Form with Guidance Notes (185 KB) Biomedical Ethics Review - With Guidance Notes
Confidentiality Agreement (37 KB) Consent Form Template Biomedical Minimal Risk Consent Form (22 KB) Biomedical Risk Consent Form
Consent Form Template (28 KB) Consent Form Template  Biomedical Consent Form Guidelines (47 KB) Biomedical Consent Guidelines
Consent Form Guidelines (36 KB) Consent Guidelines Biomedical Study Renewal Form (46 KB) Biomedical Study Renewal Form
Recruitment Poster Template (103 KB) Recruitment Poster Template Biomedical Study Closure Form (38 KB) Biomedical Study Closure Form
Child Assent Guidelines (36 KB) Child Assent Guidelines
Sample Group Non-Disclosure Agreement (51 KB) PDF
Course-Based Research Project Application Form (45 KB) Course-based Project Form *Note: Used for projects occurring within a course. Instructors can complete this form for ethical approval for the student projects within the class
**NEW** Behavioural Research Study Amendment Form      (31 KB) Behavioural Research Study Renewal Form
Behavioural Research Study Renewal Form (94 KB) Behavioural Research Study Renewal Form
Behavioural Research Study Closure Form (89 KB) Behavioural Research Closure Form