President's Tri-Agency Support Grant

Terms of Reference:

Desired Outcome: Increase Tri-Agency funding to enhance research capacity, support graduate student training, improve the institution’s reputation, and grow base funding allocations.

Overview: Tri-Agency funding success determines the allocation of critical research resources, including Canada Research Chairs (CRC), graduate student funding allocations, Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) funding, NSERC – Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA), and the research support fund.

The purpose of this initiative is to invigorate and support research programs of the highest caliber in all disciplines, as recognized by success in Tri-Agency flagship programs: CIHR Project Grant, NSERC Discovery Grant, and SSHRC Insight Grant. The President is matching successful grant applications to these programs with awards of up to $10,000.

Eligibility and funding details

All UofR faculty members applying as the Principal Investigator* for CIHR Project, NSERC Discovery, or SSHRC Insight Grants through the University of Regina Research Office are eligible. Intake for this program is 2022 grant cycle (Fall 2022 for CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC + Spring 2022 for CIHR)

Awards must be included in the application budget as UofR support. For budget purposes, include the lesser of 10% of application budget or $10,000. The actual award will be determined using the Notification of Award from the agency. PI can determine how to use the award, aligned with Tri-Agency eligible expenses. In addition, the PI can use the award for course release. This would need to be arranged with and approved by the Dean.

Amount awarded

For Tri-Agency grants between $50,000 and $100,000, the award will be 10% of the Tri-Agency funding awarded. For Tri-Agency grants over $100,000, the award will be $10,000.

If you have any questions, please contact a Research Facilitator. 

Barb Flynn | Research Facilitator, Social Science and Humanities
306.585.5383 |


Somiraa Said | Research Facilitator, Health Research
306.337.3240 |  


Liz Vanderlinde | Research Facilitator, Natural Sciences and Engineering