Research Trust Fund

As quoted from the University of Regina / URFA Collective Agreement 2014-2017:

"There shall be a fund at the University called The University of Regina Research Trust Fund, the proceeds of which are to be used solely for legitimate expenses incurred by academic staff members in research and scholarly pursuits. The money in the Fund is vested solely in the University. The signing authority for the Fund is the Vice-President (Research), or the designate for that title."

The Research Trust Fund Application form can be downloaded under Policies and Forms.

Employees may also donate to the fund. The donation form can be downloaded under Policies and Forms.

Application Procedures

Minimal funds remain.  Please inquire at the Research Office before applying.

Complete and submit the application form following the application guidelines. Applications must be submitted to the Office of Research Services on February 1 and September 1 of each year.

One original must be submitted to the Office of Research Services (CK 227). All applications must be typed using Times New Roman 12-point font and must not exceed the maximum number of pages identified for each section. Excess pages will be removed and will not be reviewed by the Council Committee on Research, which is responsible for adjudicating the applications.

All applications must be signed by the Department Head or the Dean (or designate), as appropriate.

Consideration of Applications

The Council Committee on Research has developed a criteria document to assist in the consideration of applications.

Administration of Funds

The Office of Research Services will notify applicants about the results of their applications.

Expenditures may be made only for those specific purposes authorized by the Committee. The Office of Research Services will open a new account for the funds. Funds must be used within one year of the award date, after which all residual funds will be recovered to the source fund. A 6-month extension will be permitted upon request. Overspending is not permitted. Grantees will provide a 1-2 page report based on outcomes and budget.

As per Appendix A 16.3.4 in the University of Regina / URFA Collective Agreement 2014-2017, "Expenditures may not be reimbursed which would result in a taxable benefit to the academic staff member. Furthermore, no salary, fees, stipends, etc., paid to the individual or to that person's immediate family shall be reimbursed, and no entertainment expenses may be reimbursed."

For more information, please consult the Research Trust Fund Application Form or the University of Regina / URFA Collective Agreement or contact the Office of Research Services.