Student Society

Welcome to the 2021/2022 academic year! If you managed to find this page, you are likely a U of R student with at least *some* interest in physics, and might be wondering what this society is all about.

As a member, you will gain:

  • Access to society events, such as movie/game nights
  • Access to our Slack and Discord channels, where we discuss T-shirt designs, picks for movie nights, homework, general physics, etc.
  • The option to order one of our annual commemorative T-shirts (this year’s cost and final design pending)

Per our constitution, our goals are as follows:

  • To promote social interaction between the younger undergraduate students and the more senior students, as well as the graduate students.
  • To provide fellow students with assistance in coursework and in learning physics.
  • To promote physics and the study of physics within the university community as well as in local high schools.

If you wish to be added to our mailing list (wherein we distribute event updates and various student opportunities in physics), send us an email at or reach out to one of our current members. We are located at Lb. 131.1, and more information can be found under the contact us tab.

For now, we bid you good data!


Trey Chernoff and Dhruval Shah