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Physics spans from zero to infinity in space, time and energy; its symmetry and elegance is reflected in the beauty of the heavens.

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Our teams pursue their research locally, as well as elsewhere in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Japan.

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Feature Stories:

November 2023: The hunt for dark matter

Physics professor Dr. Zisis Papandreou and students speak about the Jefferson Eta Factory hunt for dark matter.

See: Article Contact: Dr. Zisis Papandreou


Credit: University of Regina Degrees Magazine, Fall/Winter 2023

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January 2023: UoR to host the Canadian Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics

The Canadian Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CCUWiP) is an annual conference gathering physics students and professional from across the country with a special focus on supporting women and gender minorities in physics. This is the 10th annual CCUWiP and the first time that this conference has ever been held in Saskatchewan!

See: Homepage  Contact: Dr. Gwen Grinyer


December 2022: UofR Research Chair in Neutron Imaging

Physics professor Dr. Marcella Berg has been appointed the first research chair in neutron imaging at the University of Regina!

See: Article  Contact: Dr. Marcella Berg


March 2022: UofR Physics in the Leader-Post

New article in the leader post featuring the University of Regina physics research team led by Dr. Garth Huber!  Their group is building a large-scale Cherenkov detector that will be used at Jefferson Lab in Virginia to better understand the structure of the proton.

See: Article  Contact: Dr. Garth Huber


February 2022: Search for magnetic monopoles

In a new article published Nature, the MOEDAL collabaration that includes University of Regina Assistant Professor Dr. Pierre Ouimet have performed an exhaustive search for magnetic monopoles produced via the Schwinger mechanism and now provide a new lower mass limit for finite-size magnetic monopoles from a collider search, which greatly extends previous mass bounds.  Link below to the full article! 

See: Article  Contact: Dr. Pierre Ouimet


August 2021: 4D imaging of drip-line radioactivity!

In a new article published Nature Communications, the active target and time projection chamber (ACTAR TPC) collabaration that includes University of Regina Associate Professor Dr. Gwen Grinyer have succesfully used a TPC to image radioactive proton decay from a short-lived excited state in 54Ni!  Beautiful images, like this one, show a single proton being emitted following the implantation of a 54Ni ion. Congratulations to Dr. Grinyer and her team!

See: Article  Contact: Dr. Gwen Grinyer


May 2021: University of Regina joins LEGEND!

The University of Regina, led by Associate Professor Dr. Gwen Grinyer, have officially joined the Large Enriched Germanium Experiment for Neutrinoless double beta decay (LEGEND).  The UofR joins Queen's University and Simon Fraser University in Canada who are part of a major international collaboration to design, construct and operate 1000 kg of germanium detectors in a deep underground laboratory. 

See: Website  Contact: Dr. Gwen Grinyer


April 2021: Explore our Solar System with Dr. Lawler!

University of Regina and Campion College physics professor and astronomer Dr. Samantha Lawler has created a fun and informative video for kids that explores our solar system!  Tour the solar system from the comfort of your home and have your kids participate in an exciting and fun activity at the end!

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