Reporting Options

There are three options for a person who has experienced a sexual assault or sexual misconduct. There is no wrong option.

Option 1: Report to the Police

There are two ways to report a sexual assault to the police:

  1. You can contact the police directly by calling 911 or 306-777-6500.
  2. You can contact the police by a Third Person Anonymous Report. In the case of the Third Person Anonymous Report someone else can report the sexual assault to the police and you will remain anonymous.

Not sure if you want to report to the police?

If you are not sure if you want to report a sexual assault, there is a "Third Option" offered at the hospital. Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) nurses can collect and store forensic evidence for up to a year, giving you the time and space to determine whether you want to report.

Option 2: Report to the University of Regina

If you want the University to investigate the sexual assault or other forms of sexual misconduct, contact the Sexual Violence Prevention and Response (SVPR) coordinator so that your options can be explained. The SVPR coordinator will also support you through the processes, including:

  • Assist in making the report;

  • Liaise with the investigator;

  • Update you on the status of the investigation;

  • Go with you to any or all meetings and interviews; and,

  • Arrange academic concessions (e.g., Extensions).

You can change your mind at any time or withdraw during the process. However, the University may continue to investigate or contact the police or other authorities if there is:

  • a legal duty to do so, or,

  • a significant risk to other people.

Option 3: Not Report the Incident

It is okay to not report the incident. You will have access to University supports no matter what you choose to do.

What to do next? Call the SVPR coordinator at 306-337-3149.