Areas of Focus

The University of Regina is committed to the following 5 Areas of Focus and the specific goals related to each area. Each goal encourages the University community to work together and to break down and challenge conventional divisions between faculty and staff, departments and units, student and instructors, communities and the University. The aim of this Strategic Plan is to inspire bold and unconventional thinking. It is essential that the goals portrayed here respect, honour, and foster the strengths of individual units and faculties such that they are able to set their own goals that engage and align with this plan and, in turn, collectively contribute to the University’s overall success.


Strengthen our connections among students, faculty, and staff.
Where teaching and research come together, daring discovery occurs. Discovery includes the development and dissemination of new knowledge, as well as the personal insights that arise from active learning. An empowering education provides our students with the skills and self-confidence required to navigate the world around them throughout their time at the University of Regina and beyond.

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Truth and Reconciliation

Strengthen connections with our past, present, and future.
We are committed to reconciliation through teaching, research, learning, and service efforts across our campuses, and throughout the province. We aspire to walk together in a good way and strengthen our relationships which are based on mutual respect and accountability. This commitment will enhance learning and strengthen relationships by honouring the past, present, and future to create a new shared vision for the next generations.

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Well-being and Belonging

Strengthen connections with ourselves.
We recognize the importance of well-being and belonging to the success of our students, faculty, staff, and community. The University of Regina is committed to creating space where everyone feels part of the community. We embrace the ideals of the medicine wheel that describes the need for us to have balance on our journey of emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. We foster the success of our students, faculty, and staff by valuing their health, safety, and well-being.

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Environment and Climate Action

Strengthen connections with our environment.
All decisions regarding our activities should be cognizant of the impact on future generations. This includes a commitment to climate action through development and research initiatives, as well as ecological and economic sustainability through responsible stewardship of the land and resources.

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Impact and Identity

Strengthen connections with communities.
The University of Regina provides positive social, environmental, economic, and health impacts through our reciprocal relationships with our communities. In 2024, the University of Regina will celebrate its 50th anniversary as an independent institution, providing an opportunity to evaluate and communicate how we meet provincial, national, and global societal needs. The past five decades have served as an important era of development for the University and it is now the time to fully articulate and celebrate our identities and impacts on society.

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