5 by 25 Framework & Implementation

The University of Regina is committed our 5 Areas of Focus and aims to accomplish the 5 specific goals related to each area by the conclusion of this Strategic Plan in 2025.

This sets an ambitious but achievable agenda that can be accomplished only through a united effort from the University community. Each goal encourages the University community to work together and to break down and challenge conventional divisions between faculty and staff, departments and units, student and instructors, communities and the University. The aim of this Strategic Plan is to inspire bold and unconventional thinking. It is essential that the goals portrayed here respect, honour, and foster the strengths of individual units and faculties such that they are able to set their own goals that engage and align with this plan and, in turn, collectively contribute to the University’s overall success.

The implementation of this Strategic Plan, All Our Relations, will include the University of Regina’s Performance Measurement Framework (PMF), a variation on the balanced scorecard methodology. In this process, the University of Regina’s Board of Governors uses the PMF to set specific targeted annual indicators to measure progress towards achieving the broader goals outlined in this plan. This PMF is included in the University's annual report, which is a primary external reporting instrument.


Alignment with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Through our commitment to the goals listed in this Strategic Plan, we are working toward the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The table below outlines where we believe our actions will contribute to these SDGs by 2025.

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