Impact and Identity

Strengthen connections with communities.

The University of Regina provides positive social, environmental, economic, and health impacts through our reciprocal relationships with our communities. In 2024, the University of Regina will celebrate its 50th anniversary as an independent institution, providing an opportunity to evaluate and communicate how we meet provincial, national, and global societal needs. The past five decades have served as an important era of development for the University and it is now the time to fully articulate and celebrate our identities and impacts on society.

GOAL: Measure and improve recognized comprehensive impact of University of Regina activities.5


a) Broaden Partnerships

The connections of our students, faculty, and staff with all of our stakeholders (Federated Colleges, Indigenous communities, not-for-profit, government, non-governmental, and industry organizations) are key components of our ability to influence and positively impact society. We are committed to forging reciprocal relationships that generate interest in and increase the societal relevance of our academic efforts. We strive to expand our relationships and broaden our partnerships.

  • Proactively identify and share priorities and opportunities for research and development across the University.
  • Elevate the University’s reputation as a philanthropic institution, economic driver, and industry partner by promoting our role in enhancing the ability of our partners to innovate, create, and inspire the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Forge reciprocal relationships with all of our stakeholders that contribute to developing relevant curriculum and impactful academic and non-academic programs and experiences.
  • Enhance technologies that facilitate partnership-building on- and off-campus.

b) Institutional Identity

By valuing our past through our connections with our alumni and their accomplishments, we can better honour our present and assure our future. By 2025, the University and its internal community will be better able to communicate its impact and unique characteristics.

  • Embark on a thorough investigation on the unique characteristics and identity of the University of Regina. 
  • Support and develop areas of research strength.
  • Develop a plan to enhance the University’s reputation through communication and internalization of the identified characteristics and strengths.
  • Create an enhanced and ongoing presence on social media platforms.
  • Celebrate research and creative achievements in the public domain.
  • Cultivate pride of place.

c) Social Impact

The University of Regina is committed to serving the social, cultural, economic, environmental, and technological needs of our community.

  • Champion the building of mutually beneficial relationships in our teaching and research.
  • Engage communities in the continued pursuit of knowledge and discovery projects.
  • Develop shared histories with community partners.
  • Harness the institution’s assets to support our communities, via open resources and data, training highly qualified employees, making spaces and infrastructure available for use, etc.
  • Enhance flexibility of learning through the development of micro- and meso-credentialling opportunities.

5 Baseline measurements may include economic, social, and research impacts, and those measured by the Conference Board of Canada.