UR Courses Terms of Use

The University of Regina and its Federated Colleges are committed to complying with Copyright Laws and respecting intellectual property rights. As such, when making use of copyrighted materials, each of us is responsible for ensuring that copyright requirements are followed.

Instructors: Please ensure that all materials posted into UR Courses fits within one of the following categories: the University’s Fair Dealing Guidelines, an allowable exception under the Copyright Act, the University’s library licensed resources (according to the terms of use), public domain, Creative Commons or other open access licence, materials in which you are the copyright owner, a transactional licence, or permission obtained from the copyright holder.

Students: Materials made available to students on UR Courses are for each student’s personal use. All use of copyright-protected materials should be in accordance with Canadian Copyright Laws or applicable licence.

For further information about the use of copyrighted materials, please consult the University of Regina's Copyright website or contact the University's Copyright Officers at copyright@uregina.ca.

All other uses of this system are governed by the terms of the following policies: