Jan Purnis

Associate Professor (Campion College)
PhD (University of Toronto); MA, BA Hons (University of Guelph)

Office: CM 512
E-mail: jan.purnis@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-359-1261
Fax: 306-359-1200
Website: https://campioncollege.ca/resources/dr-jan-purnis/

Research interests

  • Depictions of Cannibalism
  • Representations of Digestion
  • Early Modern Emotions
  • The Body/Mind Relationship
  • Colonialism
  • Gender
  • Early Modern Medicine
  • Wordplay
  • Shrews
  • Sugar

Representative Publications

  • “Renaissance Discourses of Emotions” in Emotions, Community, and Citizenship: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives, (University of Toronto Press, 2017). Edited by Rebecca Kingston, Kiran Banerjee, James McKee, Yi-Chun Chien, and Constantine C. Vassiliou.
  • “Bodies and Selves: Autoscopy, Out-of-Body Experiences, Mind-Wandering, and Early Modern Consciousness” in Shakespeare and Consciousness, (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016). Edited by Paul Budra and Clifford Werier.
  • “The Belly-Mind Relationship in Early Modern Culture: Digestion, Ventriloquism, and the Second Brain” in Embodied Cognition and Shakespeare’s Theatre: The Early Modern Body-Mind, (Routledge, 2014). Edited by Laurie Johnson, John Sutton, and Evelyn Tribble.
  • “The Gendered Stomach in The Taming of the Shrew” in Gender and Power in Shrew-Taming Narratives, 1500-1700, (Palgrave, 2010). Edited by David Wootton and Graham Holderness.
  • “The Stomach and Early Modern Emotion” in University of Toronto Quarterly 79.2 (Spring 2010).