Undergraduate Programs

The University of Regina Department of English offers the following undergraduate program options:

1.  Bachelor of Arts with a Major in English
In this program option students take a minimum of 15 courses in the Department in addition to the other 25 courses required by the Faculty of Arts

2.  Bachelor of Arts Honours with a Major in English
This option might suit those interested in a more specialized degree, or those who wish to pursue their studies at the graduate level. This program requires 20 English courses.

3. Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Arts Honours with a Concentration in Creative Writing
This stream might suit those interested in writing creative work such as poetry, fiction, or drama.

4. Minor in English
This option may suit those pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in another discipline but who would like to take a number of English courses.

5. Combined Bachelor of Education/Bachelor of Arts in English

This option is a five-year program. Please refer to the Undergraduate Calendar for more information, or refer to the following guideline. (32.29 KB)PDF

***This program is not accepting new students***

For additional information on any of these program options you can visit the Department of English section of the University of Regina Undergraduate Calendar.