What is psychology?

Psychology is the science of the mind; it explores the nature of human thought and behaviour.  Students who choose to study psychology will learn about how people relate to each other and the world around them, while also learning about themselves.  Psychologists tackle a staggering array of questions about what makes us human; the answers they uncover challenge our assumptions and help us to understand our ever-changing world.  Such questions may include:

  • Do men and women naturally differ in intelligence, sports abilities, or in their attitudes towards relationships and politics? 
  • How does stress and trauma relate to mental illness?
  • Why do juries and eye-witnesses sometimes make devastating errors that send innocent people to jail and set guilty people free? 

This is just a small sample of the many timely and intriguing questions psychology students explore while pursuing a degree that will serve as excellent preparation for a variety of jobs or post-graduate training opportunities.

What will I study?

The department of psychology at the University of Regina and its federated colleges offers a wide variety of courses that cover a diverse range of subject areas.  Our students build a solid foundation in the principles of biological, social, developmental, personality, and cognitive psychology, and learn to critically analyze and design research studies.  With this preparation, students can choose among advanced courses that explore fascinating topics such as:

  • the history and theoretical approaches to the study of psychology
  • the origin and treatments of mental disorders (abnormal psychology) and health psychology
  • child and adolescent development, and aging
  • perception, learning, memory, and decision making
  • neuropsychology, motivation, and emotion
  • the psychology of women, inter-personal relations, and consciousness