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Please note that if you haven't already done so, you can still earn up to 3% in bonus marks in each of your 100 or 200-level psychology classes for participating in research studies.  To begin, simply point your browser to the following URL: and create an account.

Once you have created an account on the system using your University of Regina e-mail address as your login, you will see a list of studies available.  Choose a study that interests you and sign up in an available time slot.  Depending on the study you've chosen, you may need to come to a specific room at that time or you may be able to participate by completing a survey online.  Research participation is a great way to learn first hand about research in psychology, and it helps your fellow students and your professors as well as contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the discipline. 

Thanks for participating!

Link to setting up a new user account on the EMS system:


Participant Pool Policy (151 KB)15KB

Participant Instructions for Creating an Account.pdf (967.83 KB)968KB

Participant Instructions for Signing up for Studies (244 K)Signing up for Studies

Participant Instructions for Selecting Courses (134 KB)Selecting Courses

Frequently Asked Questions (186 KB)FAQ


Researcher Instructions (22.84 KB)23KB

Application For Researchers (16.91 KB) pdf

Frequently Asked Questions For Researchers (16.91 KB) pdf

If you have any questions about the participant pool, please e-mail: